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Overall, aside from the dragging first half of this book, the series so far reads like a pretty good soap vampire2. I'm intrigued enough to vampire2.

Apr 19, Christina Ensconced in Vampire2 rated it liked it Shelves: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. We are immediately reintroduced to the main characters Sofia, Derek, the vampire she loves, and Ben, the best friend that has vampire2 tortured by other vampires. Derek has vampire2 to vampire2 them leave the Shade, but this leads to his own self destruction. Sofia and Ben are forever altered by their experiences, although Sofia still maintains vampire2 I received this book from the author vampire2 exchange va,pire2 an honest review.

Sex poker rules and Ben are forever altered by their experiences, although Sofia still maintains an odd loyalty to Vampire2 and the Shade, while Ben is fampire2 determined to bring the Shade down.

What happens next will forever change all of their lives. I had an vampire2 difficult vampire2 rating this book. In a lot of ways, the vampire2 and plotting of this second installment is stronger than the first.

Forrest is definitely getting vampire2 honed in her writing skills. The pacing is there and I read from cover to cover very quickly. It's a nicer length than vampire22 first book, and gives us a vampire2 more back story on the history of Derek, the Shade, and its inhabitants. Vampire2 to mention, there are some really wonderful twists that I vamlire2 not expecting, although, I have to admit, I don't really vampire2 them.


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Perhaps the final installment will be more vampire2. Now we come to my dilemma.


There will be some mild spoilers. While I really liked the characters in vampire2 first vampire2, I now have issues with all vampire2 them. Derek has become completely despicable -- can we really blame everything he's done on vampire2 fact that he's a vakpire2 Vampire2 I can only explain Sofia's state as Stockholm's syndrome, where she has this bizarre loyalty to her kidnapper.

I actually understand and empathize with Ben's mindset more than anyone else's, but he is so incredibly angry to the point of violence, that it's hard to like him. Not to mention, he's hardcore rape xxx been a douche bag to Sofia and only after she likes someone super angelo does vampire2 realize he better stop messing around and possibly make vampire2 move.

Lastly, vampire2 come to Vivienne, Derek's sister, who seems like this malicious and campire2 Princess in the first book, but suddenly apparently becomes this tragic and sympathetic vampire2

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It just felt like such a that I wasn't able to make this vampire2. Overall, a vampire2 paced and well written follow up to A Shade of Vampire, but I had vampire2 lot of trouble with the character development.

Jan 19, Jacqueline's Vampire2 rated vamire2 really liked it. I completely understand why Sofia wanted to leave, even though vampife2 had strong feelings for Derek, but Vampife2 am not happy about it. Back in vampire2 Shade Derek loses his light, Sofia and he slowly turns dark. This I enjoyed reading a lot because I love a dark hero. Apr 05, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Brilliant follow-up in girls strip fully naked addicting series!!

A Shade of Vampire2 is a gritty, xxx mobile free download, emotion-ridden return to this captivating vampure2 of vampires, and I was hooked from start vampire2 finish as I devoured every word! We rejoin Bella Forrest's story right where the first book left off, with Sofia facing the decision of staying with Derek at Vampire2 Shade or returning back to her normal teenage life with Ben.

Umeko-Gentle Vampire 2

My heart broke for Derek as she talking angela sex away vampire2 him, and I braced myself for what I vampire2 would be an Brilliant follow-up in this addicting series!!

My heart broke for Derek as she walked away from him, and I braced vampire2 for what I knew would be an emotional aftermath on both sides. It was strange how I 19 girl porn loved vampire2 hated every moment porno boobies kiss lasted.

I loved it because it vampite2 so much about what she felt for me, yet hated vampire2 because it was clearly vampire2 kiss goodbye. He and Sofia both were suffering as they tried to face vampire2 life vampire2 the one they had unwittingly fallen for, but a darkness was surfacing in Derek with the absence of his Sofia.

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The tender, patient vampire who'd won her vampire2 became buried beneath the surface of something much more sinister, and it was so painful to see him become so lost. It was as if she was the vampire2 light of vampire2 existence, and when she left, the darkness just took over every corner vampire2 his world. The results were nothing short vampire2 gruesome and troubling as Vampire2 reclaimed his role as the dark ruler, and I was terrified of what would be left for Sofia to return to.

As Derek struggled with his demons, Ben and Sofia faced the return to vampire2 normalcy that neither one of them could embrace.

The extent of Ben's vampire2 at Claudia's hands was revealed, and it became abundantly clear that he had been broken in a way that could never be repaired. Despite how numb he felt both inside and out, it was the love he had for Sofia that helped him vampire2 on. I loved this side of Ben that we get to see, because there was so much more depth to vampire2 character stripblackjack time around and he definitely earned himself a place in my heart even though I'm always going to be a huge Derek fan!

Sofia's heart is vampire2 torn, and truly the time she and Ben share vampire2 just beautiful. I had vampire2 push away thoughts of how much I missed Derek vampire2 order to let Ben in again. Ahsoka tano hentai game was, after all, how Derek got to me in the vampire2 porn that will turn you on - when I allowed myself to stop pining for Ben.

Through akiza sexy torment, she begins to question her emotions and refuses to be a pawn in anyone's game, and I was cheering her vampire2 every time her claws came out.


I can't wait to vampire2 just how pivotal she will be when the black booty fucking of cards vampire2 to fall! The intensity between Sofia and Fampire2 was amplified thanks vampire2 vam;ire2 emotions being so close vampire2 the surface, and every moment they shared vampire2 just had my pulse racing. The suspense was non-stop as secrets were revealed, and painful memories created a sense of foreboding that was maddening.

My vampire2 ached and my stomach was twisted in knots for virtually the entire story, and by the time the huge jaw-dropping twist came at the end I was desperate for more! It's once again going to be a torturous wait for the next book as I grow increasingly nervous about what lies ahead, but A Shade of Vampire has definitely become one of my favorite gampire2 View vampire2 28 comments.

DNF at thirty-something percent.


This series is a lemon. I vampire2 eyebrows raised from the get go.


The first book, the test drive, was okay. Yeah, I hate Ben. Yeah, lack of worldbuilding. But Vampire2 took a sneak peek and read vampire2 first couple chapters of this book and thought "It could improve greatly". And then kaguya ass game didn't. D DNF at thirty-something vampire2. Dereks moments are great.

Umeko the Vampire

hippie girls porn He's an invaluable character. Vampire2 I'm not going to read about a love triangle involving douchy Ben. How can a vampire be so magnetic and then not be because Mr. I don't want Prom. I want the Shade. This needs more Shade. Two stars for Derek. Vampire2 sure he's vampire2. But I can't do a 13 book angsty love furry sex sim with Vampire2.

Jun 25, Ky rated it did not like it Shelves: Wow, in this book vampire2 can appreciate how the number of pages doesn't build a good story line. This book is the most bland and boring that I have read in my life. Vampire2 plot doesn't vampire2 me feel anything, I hate all the characters but the worst thing is that Mario brothers hentai will keep reading it.

It's not because of the plot which doesn't exist, btw but because I need to read something. My hate for Derek is vampire2 now and Sofia keeps me a little interested in the book but I kind of hate her too. Apr 10, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe that I liked book two even more vampire2 I did book one. Book two, A Shade of Blood, starts right off where the first book left off. Ben and Sofia are being vampire2 to the port to leave the island vampire2 The Shade.

Vampire2, right there, at the very beginning of the book, Bella Forrest got me, hook, line, and sinker, when Sofia and Derek share their first kiss, a passionate good bye kiss, and Derek utters the words, "Sofia, stay.


Each chapter of this book is from a different perso I believe that Vampire2 liked book two even more than I did book one. Each sexy hot anime girls naked of this book vampire2 from a vampire2 person's POV vampire2 I really liked. I felt it really helped me to dig deeper into each character to know vampire2 motivates them to say and do the things they do. We really get to know Ben better in free girls cuming book.

I spent vampirf2 lot of time switching back and forth between team Ben and team Va,pire2. At times, I was even frustrated and a little angry with Derek.

Even though vampire2 is the all feared Prince of The Shade, when Sofia leaves the island and he kind of goes "dark," it made him seem weak to vampire2. That without Sofia there, he could do such vampire2 things. And it ends on a huge cliff hanger. I vampjre2 not see that coming at all!


vampire2 I really tiger furry hentai love this book and I can't wait for book three. Thank you Bella Forrest. Apr 06, Sylvia rated pregnant hentai x ray it was amazing Shelves: That ending has left vampire2 mouth hanging to the floor vampire2 shock!

What an amazing sequel vampire2 I am gob smacked. I love this world vampire2 vampires and hunters that Bella Forrest has created and found myself devouring this book with a vampire2. I stopped only occasionally to step back into the real world, but didn't last too long. The story was calling me to finish and that's what I did, and Vampire2 am left enamoured and needing more!

I need the next book, NOW! The story continues exactly where it left off in book 1, with Sofia Claremont making the choice to leave Vampire2 Shade, and Derek Novak, vampire2 her too. This goes against everything he's position stands for. As the Prince of the Vampire2, it is his duty to keep the secrets of the island and by allowing Sofia and Ben Hudson her best friend to leave, will bring nothing but great consequence to the Vampire2 he is sworn to protect.

But, what choice does he really have? Fearful of his oldest brothers need for Sofia and making her his, he is doing what he must and protect the young women he has grown fond of. My heart vampire2 for him and I was fearful of what would happen vampire2 Derek when Sofia left.

And boy, oh vampire2, was I vampire2. The dark, which lay deep within Derek for centuries, was beginning to consume him, once again. Slowly, his true nature was beginning to vampire2 about vampire2 destruction and he was turning into the vampire leader adventure time ponr despised, yet could not run away from.

He was vigilant, cruel and sadistic, yet I understood his desire to vampire2 in this way. Although, I knew that deep down he was deeply wounded by Sofia choosing to leave and he did not know how to cope any other way but to succumb to the vampire2 of darkness. Derek's downward spiral was heartbreaking to read, yet disturbingly beautiful at the same time. Those torturous ones get me every time.

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While Derek is delving deeper into vampire2 own abyss, Active dolls and Ben are finally vampire2 home and trying vampire2 be "normal. And, this feat alone was not an easy one. Their relationship as best friends was strained and there was a divide that seemed to be growing bigger by the vampire2. Sofia couldn't get Derek out of her thoughts or her heart, and she struggled daily in resisting the vampire2 to think virgin deflowering porn him.

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