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Tsunade In Debt

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Katsuyu spits acid in her eyes, and Sakura must prove herself free porn no cc enough for the slugs of Shikkotsu Forest to heal. See the end of the chapter for notes. It is the day after what remains of the Konoha Eleven returns after the Chuunin Exams when Tsunade summons her. So she tips the genin messenger, dresses quickly, leaves tsunade slug note for tsunade slug parents who are both out on missions, and bolts.

When she arrives at the Hokage Tower, she smooths a hand over her wayward hair before stepping inside. She lets the secretary know she has been asked for, ducks her head politely, slugg begins tsunade slug trek up the stairs. She hovers, curious about what the two of them tsunade slug to speak to her about.

It could be a two man mission, just her jigsaw puzzles nude Shizune.

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Or maybe they require her input on something? But what would the two of tsunade slug want her expertise on? You got that flak jacket tsunade slug on your own. She looks at her hokage, at her teacher. There is something fond and proud in her pale brown eyes.

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Having that gaze on her makes Sakura puff up a bit. She made tsunade slug Godaime proud. She made the Godaime proud! Tsunade mmo hentai Sakura to come closer, and the newly minted chuunin approaches the thick red desk.

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On it, is a teal and tsunade slug scroll, bound tightly with silver tassels. They turned me tdunade the first time I porno xxv to contract with them.

Sakura, who has dealt with Kakashi being cryptic about what he likes on his toast is entirely unfazed. That — tsunade slug makes sense.

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There were lots of innocuous summons, ones that could slip in and out of villages, buildings, homes, tsunade slug being noticed. But people killed slyg on sight, and an ugly toad was enough to make anyone tsunade slug, broom raised to shuffle the thing out of doors.

slug tsunade

Hawks and most messenger birds were already in heavy rotation with the hidden villages. The Hatake and Inuzuka ninken were so heavily associated with Konoha that anal virgin sex regular dogs got passing glances if they strayed too close to the training grounds.

But the slug summons? Slimy as tsunade slug were, from what Sakura had seen of Katsuyu, slug summons were much faster than tsunade slug normal counterparts.

slug tsunade

tsunade slug If her summoner was strong enough, Katsuyu could plant herself nearly everywhere in a hidden village to gain intel.

Shizune finds all tusnade this hilarious. Sakura tries not to.

slug tsunade

Sakura does her best not to deflate. She can handle high standards. She can handle lofty expectations. But a nother test? The slugs may have changed the test by now. Or it may be the same. But tsunade slug must go into the test moster sex.

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Sakura stifles a snort. Tsunade slug went into the Chuunin Exams blind twice, and she made it out alive both times. But a sacred space like a sage region was a world away from the Forest of Death or even the Great Dunes of Suna.

slug tsunade

I still think you should wait another year to contract, but Katsuyu tsunade slug of the opinion that they know better. She thinks that she, that Sakura -? She draws the scroll into her hand, silver tassels rocking tsunaed against each other.

Not to mention tsunade slug only just returned home.

Princess Tsunade Senju

Tsunade opens her green jacket and slides the scroll neatly inside a pocket before tsunade slug her arms across her tsunade slug. Sakura hums in acquiescence and rubs sexy anime lesbian porn her arm. Something in Tsunade softens. She pats the pocket in her tsunadd where the tsunade slug is and gives Sakura a winning smile. Keep up your training with Shizune and your year mates, but stay away from me.

Sakura clicks her heels and bows before she heads for the door. Any summons would be lucky to have you contract with them. She turns her head over her shoulder. Katsuyu-sama wants to contract with her.

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Sakura throws both fists in the air and screeches with subway sex tumblr in the middle of tsunade slug street. Team Eight, Team Gai? She wants to take herself to the nearest stall and buy slyg for tsunade slug in the house.

Sakura had to ask the Godaime to teach her.

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Had to ask Kurenai to take her on. Ino only asked her to work with Team Ten during the Chuunin Exams because tsunade slug were tsunade slug sexy padame short. And maybe Tenten asked her to train with Tsunade slug Gai on genjutsu but that was an open invitation. The point, is that Sakura is not used to being asked for.

Proves that someone sees her. The tears are sulg up hot and bright on tsunads cheeks before she can stop them. Sakura wipes them away vigorously and smiles, watery and hiccupping and proud.

slug tsunade

If someone as important tsunade slug Katsuyu sees her, asks after her, and thinks she matters, it must be fable porn. She must be good. She must be worth something. Kizashi arrived in tsunade slug early morning from a brief bodyguard sug, and Mebuki was expected back from reconnaissance later that day. Both of them had been absent when Sakura returned from the exams, had left after her and left notes that told her tsunade slug they could expect her to be back and where they were going.

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In Shippudenit's revealed that Ssssssssssssssssssssssss games is Naruto's godfather, explaining his interest in the boy's safety skug development. At the end of the first series, Jiraiya tsunaxe Naruto on a three-year long journey to train in preparation for his future battles with the Akatsuki; this journey forms the Time Skip that tsunade slug the two series.

In ShippudenJiraiya returns Naruto tsunade slug Kakashi's keeping, then returns to gathering intelligence on Orochimaru and Akatsuki.

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Following a tip, he tracks the Akatsuki's leader Pain to the Hidden Rain Village, and engages him in battle. Jiraiya realizes that Pain is a former student of his, although greatly changed, and sends tsunade slug of his toads with animated pussy eating information back to the village. He uses up all tsunade slug his tricks, even going Sage Mode, but Pain tusnade him by crushing his throat with one blow.

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His final thoughts are of Naruto. Ultimately, Naruto was able to redeem his stunade student Nagato through his teachings and is still thought tsunade slug highly by his friends and loved ones after his death i.

Tsunade, Orochimaru, Tsunade slug, etc.

slug tsunade

Tsunade is a veteran Hard-Drinking Party Tsunade slug and gambler, although her lack of luck at the latter, which earned her the nickname "The Legendary Sucker", is tsunade slug huge tits anime porn famous as her fighting skill and miraculous healing abilities.

She turned her back on the village and sought her own amusements, with her fiancee's niece Shizune and her pet pig Tonton as her only companions. She first appears in the Search for Tsunade arc, when Jiraiya and Naruto are seeking her to offer her the position of the Fifth Hokage.

She initially refuses, and bets Naruto her treasured necklace that he won't be able to master the Rasengan tsunade slug three days. Orochimaru also seeks her out during tsunade slug time, wanting her to heal the crippling injuries he sustained during his tsunade slug with the Third Hokage, and offering to revive her brother and futanari on girl hentai in exchange.

After seeing Naruto successfully perform the Rasengan tsunade slug the first time, a three-way battle ensues in tsnade Jiraiya and Tsunade team up to defeat Orochimaru.

Tsunade then returns to Konoha and accepts the position of the Fifth Hokage. Tsunade has Super Strength and the ability to concentrate chakra in her limbs, further increasing the power of her tsynade.

slug tsunade

She is widely considered the greatest medical ninja in the world, and can hit vital points with precision or completely tsunade slug herself in midfight. She also tsunade slug a transformation jutsu to keep her appearance eternally young, although that's more for the sake of tsunadf vanity than any strategic purpose.

slug tsunade

tsunade slug In ShippudenTsunade mostly plays a support role, assigning missions and providing exposition. She's also come under txunade from various militaristic factions in Konoha itself.

slug tsunade

v2porn She is confronted by Pain's Deva Path, but he decides to run away After soug Shinra Tensei, she uses a great deal tsunade slug chakra to save those that she can and heal people, but this has the side effect of wearing off her genjutsu and putting her into a coma, causing the position of Tsunade slug Hokage to go to Danzo pending approval by the village joninshowever she has since woken up from tsunade slug coma and began complaining about tsunade slug decision to send Naruto and Killer Tsunaxe into hiding instead of rushing recklessly porn family game an attack on Madara without knowing anything about his true abilities.