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They all felt relief at finally saying it. Clover and Alex went to Sam, all three sharing a warm embrace. Realizing the opportunity, since totslly were already naked, Clover and Alex shared a brief look, totally spies sex story a silent plan.

Clover went in first and planted a warm kiss on Sam's soft lips. No longer holding back, Sam returned the gesture, enjoying it greatly. Clover ended it to allow Alex to draw Sam's attention and kiss the red-head, something Sam enjoyed once more. The two lead Sam to lean against elizabeth swann porn shower wall.

Sam was given no time to react, leaving her to simply moan.

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Alex pulled Sam's face towards her pressed their lips together. While Alex occupied Totallt mouth, Clover busied herself totally spies sex story Sam's chest, licking and sucking on one breast while she rubbed and massaged the other. Wanting to return some furry couple porn the pleasure she received, Sam reached behind Alex and rubbed between her legs, catching the girl by surprise. Alex briefly ended their make out to happily moan.


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Sam ended her kiss with Alex and left her hand idle between the girl's legs. She motioned for Clover to stand and pulled her in for a deep and passionate kiss tia sexy the two letting their totally spies sex story move together.

Sam moved her other hand behind Clover and slipped it between her legs and proceeded to please both girls together, making them spiws in ecstasy.

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Totally spies sex story and Alex leaned in and kissed, thoroughly enjoying their evening thus far. They turned to cat sex animation and mirrored her seductive smile. They lowered themselves onto floor, still warm from the gently running showers. The girls laid in a circle on their right sides.

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Sam slipped her head between Clover's thighs and began to lick her new lover's warm pussy, finally getting to taste her. Clover's head went between Alex's thighs, and Alex went between Sam's thighs. The sounds of totlaly and lust resounded in the white-tiled shower with its sole occupants finally realizing their true feelings for one another.

Alex, Sam, and Clover continued to lick one another hungrily, far more aroused than they have ever been. Sam reached up with one hand to grasp at Clover's chest, causing the blonde to moan louder. Totally spies sex story a bit more frisky, Alex repaid Sam's action by licking simgirl dna cheat totally spies sex story clit and gently sliding a finger inside her. Sam's yelp gave Clover a bit of satisfaction.

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Sensing this, Sam gently pinched down on a nipple and tugged it slightly, gaining something disney cars hentai a reaction from Clover.

Incensed, Clover pushed her totally spies sex story inward into Alex and licked inside as she rubbed the girl's clit with her finger. Soon, the stimulation became too much for the friends-turned-lovers.

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Everything, the frustration that they endured and their newfound love crashed together in an incredible shared orgasm, letting screams of pleasure totally spies sex story out. After resting a short zpies, the three laid side-by-side with Alex and Clover resting their heads on Sam's shoulders with the girl's arms wrapped around them. Still feeling somewhat frisky, Clover and Alex rested their hands on Sam's breasts.

Still, they rested, completely satisfied and content.

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Alex and Sam pondered on it. Alex shrugged, deciding with the others that it wasn't really important. Going after guys totally spies sex story doesn't really like. Sam sighed and relented. They decided to turn their trio into a quartet.

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Sam best college threesome once more, smiling tiredly. Sam held them closer and smiled brightly. Amanda "Mandy" Walters, the girls' favorite nemesis and the most popular girl around, laid on a purple towel on a secluded beach owned by Mandy's parents. Meet n fuck jessica rabbit owned the villa overlooking the beach. She was dressed in a one-piece swimsuit, showing off her flawless skin.

It was midday with the sun high in the sky, forcing the pretty villain to cover her purple-colored eyes with black sunglasses. With straight long black hair and an incredible figure, many girls wanted to be her and totally spies sex story boys wanted to be with her.

Even the beauty mark beneath her left eye was charming. All this fed totally spies sex story her equally impressive ego. Heaving a contented sigh, she continued to relax every muscle in her body. A srory scent wafted to her nose. It was sweet and pleasant, like a fancy perfume. She breathed it in and immediately felt warm inside.

She propped herself up on her right elbow and removed tohally sunglasses, immediately seeing the source of the smell. There stood Sam, Alex, and Clover wearing risque bikinis. Sam stood in the center in a green bikini standing with her side to Mandy and tugging on the front of her bikini top.

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Clover stood to her right and pulled on the sides of her red bikini, and Alex to her left, having untied her yellow bikini top and forced to strip porn the strings. Mandy's mouth hung open as she blushed.

She looked the girls totally spies sex story, seeing them in a new light. She dropped her glasses and stood up, making the ladies grin. Mandy stepped forward and atory Sam first.

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The popular girl and occasional ally pulled Sam into a passionate kiss, which was quickly returned. The girls held one another close, pressing their bodies together in arousal.

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Mandy ended the wtory and gave the blonde a cross look, still blushing. She released Free pornb and grabbed Clover to plant a firm kiss on her lips, catching the girl by surprise.

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Sam and Alex watched the two make out, smiling. Still, I'm getting hot, so let's get this started.

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She put her arms around Alex and gave her a tender kiss. Alex began to untie Sam's bikini top behind her while Sam started to pull down Alex's bikini.

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Having undressed each other, Sam and Alex went to Clover and Mandy. Mandy had since removed Clover's top while Clover pulled down the top of Mandy's swimsuit.

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Alex tapped on Mandy's shoulder and gave the girl a stry. Driven by desire, Mandy grabbed onto Alex and pulled her close, pressing their lips together.

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The two girls totally spies sex story teen titans parady hands went about their work.

Clover bent down behind Mandy and pulled her swimsuit down, leaving her fully nude and giving Clover a great view of her toned ass.

She gently caressed it, enjoying the feel. Sam did the same behind Alex, more than eager to get totally spies sex story the girls naked and continue with their fun in the sun. Clover gently pulled Mandy away from Alex and lead her to the towel. She gently lowered the bewitched girl to sit on the blanket.

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Mandy said nothing, her mind still in a haze, something Sam delightfully noted. Clover lowered herself and kissed Mandy, leading the girl your ponrn totally spies sex story down on the towel as she straddled the girl's waist.

She ended it after a moment and looked back to Alex and Sam, giving them a clever wink. The girls smiled and did as planned.

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Alex laid beside Mandy to her left with Sam straddling her waist beside Clover. I can't wait to have a bit of fun with it. She leaned down and planted another kiss on Totally spies sex story lips. She moved her head downward, trailing kisses down mean girl's neck and totally spies sex story to her soft moans. Even with the nasely voice, it was still cute to hear, and added to the other girls' arousal. Clover moved girls sleeping and fucked to her right breast and began to lick and suck on it, making the girl cry out.

Clover moved her free hand downward and cupped Mandy's pussy, feeling that it was warm and indeed wet.