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Sorrow is creating Adult Games Just visit it, maybe you will find even more games to your liking. Rad Science is foremost an interactive adult game. Sex (Duh) Impregnation (Aww yiss) Bad Dialogue Weird Script Even worse humor.

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Save files saved on one version may not necessarily be compatible with all future releases. If you have trouble loading a save porn sext which was both saved and attempted to be loaded on the latest released version, then tg tf interactive game leave the save file as-is and report it as a bug.

It modifies the UI layout by increasing the size and distance between the buttons and resizing various other UI components. Tg tf interactive game hover states are removed in this mode since touchscreens will often keep the cursor at the last touched location.

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For players on Android, an APK build tg tf interactive game been created that you can install directly as an app. The game will try to detect if its on a touchscreen or not, intetactive if it fails, just zss porn between Desktop Mode and Mobile Mode by using the new button on the start up page.

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Since r19, the changes are: Currently APK does not support this, tg tf interactive game it may be supported in future. Today was the release of tg tf interactive game and I thought I'd update this thread with the changes to the game in the past year and a half. Mod Support - Batman xxx porn can now add your own monsters, items, clothes, and even transformations into the game using powerful LUA script.

Dino Chapter - A massive new chapter was added about getting transformed into an egg laying anthro dino, including the ability to ride and interzctive ridden.

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Frog TF - Frog minions will now transform you into a frog as xxx summer this update is available in the demo's swamp chapter.

There are some special scenes written for this. Some transformations will affect tg tf interactive game voice, making it unintelligible to people around you and impossible to ask for help.

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Some updates naughty games for android the past couple releases: Piercings - This update adds a piercings system for wearable piercings that cause various effects to your character. Want to force yourself to always be lusty, or prevent your breasts from ever decreasing in size?

Tg tf interactive game wear one to get rid of those pesky attack options tg tf interactive game you have to interactibe to your opponents Choose Initial Reaction - There are now three options during character creation to decide your initial acceptance rate. Each option has its own story to go with it, along with an explanation of the acceptance system.

interactive game tf tg

One of the options even lets you TF Becky some more. I also plan to make short comics to post here on Patreon. Okay, what is Rad Science? Rad Science is foremost an interactive adult sleeping girls porno. It's intwractive linear but with choices that will effect the ending of your game. Just kidding, he wasn't available: But, a whole lot of 3D animated 'Art' in high definition!

Of course it's the first sexey pussy that I have invested really much time next to my dayjob So please be gentle, senpai! Get your game now tg tf interactive game have fun! Currently at an early alpha stage of development. Has dragon, cat, wolf and horse forms. Unfortunately the last update was in May To find the latest version or if the link dies start at Syanus's user page.

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Java based game to download and play locally. If the link dies start at Vilified's user page.

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Discover what has happened tg tf interactive game your sibling, and probably get very distracted along the way. While not in the same interactive fiction style as the above games, these two games might be of interest, but possibly not furry porn character creator. Both are management style games.

The games are always free for you to play and we also have others adult games, porn games Demon Girl The Showcase is a pretty straightforward porn game.

tg tf interactive game Sim style game with cow girls on a farm. In a very early stage of development, watch that space. Booby sex games actually a furry game, but interesting as for early body type modification modelling. Board for discussion, announcement and programming of IF games featuring transformation. There's also a Ihteractive which lists many games.

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The wiki categories give some good starting points. Monday, August 14, The status. Hi, yes, I am still around and I am still adding links from time to time.

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Being in the mid of my master-studies my sparetime, I can spend doing so, is greatly reduced compared to a few years back. However, especially those blogs you samantha msp per E-Mail will definitly be enlisted here.

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I am not checking daily or weekly, but I do check.