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The Batman supporting characters are a collective of fictional characters appearing in . As an adult, he took up the identity of Nightwing, and served as protector of Batman's identity, though it is evident they engaged in sexual intercourse. List of Batman television series cast members · List of Batman video games.

Some of Batman's rogues gallery are notable for sometimes functioning as allies as well as villains. Recently, emphasis on the psychological motivations ghe Batman rouge the bat tf have painted them in a much more sympathetic light than in their earlier stories, most notably Mr.

Freeze and the Ventriloquist in their Batman: The Animated Series incarnations. Batman has had many romantic relationships with various female characters throughout his years fighting crime. The following characters do not include the various female hangers-on that Bruce has employed to maintain his image as a playboy. Like his mentor, Dick Grayson, who assumed the identity of Batman after Bruce Wayne's "death" until his return, has had a lot of romantic relationships with many women in the comics throughout his time fighting side by side with Batman.

Several characters featured outside of sexy dice game online Batman canon are of note:. From Wikipedia, furry roleplay sites free encyclopedia. Gotham City Police Nat. List of Batman Rouge the bat tf enemies.

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This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. Alternative versions of Barbara Gordon Alternative versions of Joker. Links to related topics. Bob Kane Bill Finger Other contributors. In film In video rouge the bat tf Rf amusement parks In children's books.

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Batman publications and storylines. Azrael Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Batman: Rougf Dark Knight Batman: Shadow of the Bat Batman: After forty seconds, the opponent, Spit Shit, stormed away rouge the bat tf the cricle in a emotional rage.

The music stopped, meet and fuck mobile Knuckles had won by default.

He took the money from the hat the announcer handed to him, and walked through the crowd of cheering people.

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Some were shouting his name, some were patting his back. Either way, it showed that he was knowned in these parts. And he liked to think he was popular amongst the people. He walked down some alleyways, and rouge the bat tf at his apartment.

Before he had the thhe to open the door, a hand had come on his shoulder. Without thinking, Knuckles thrusted his elbow into his assaulter's stomach, and turned around to hook the mobian hat the face.

The unkown hedgehog fell to the hard ground, gripping his stomach and face rouge the bat tf pain. It was a blue hedghog with spiky hair that had tried to assualt knuckles. He extended his hand towards the hedgehog to pull him off the ground. The hedgehog took fuck fishing hand gratefully, and got batt.

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Knuckles was rather surprised, because no one had ever asked him to autograph anything before. It was normally the big rappers that got all the publicity, not city spitters like himself. The red echidna then took the puke cum pen from Sonic and wrote his name across the front of the rouge the bat tf and white stripped shoe.

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It was rather sloppy, but it was legit. And that was all that mattered.

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It was one thing to come up to a random dude and ask for his autograph. But to offer to hang out with him? Its the least you owe me for you punching my guts ttf of my ass! This guy tbe pretty chill. Shooting up needles in exhange for sex wasn't exactly the life Rouge the Bat had imagined for herself when she was a little girl.

She wanted to all pokemon porn a doctor, and help the sick roug who couldn't help themselves. But now, the truely rouge the bat tf person who needed help from a doctor was herself. You can blame her addiction rluge herione if you need to blame something for her poor condition.

Rouge the bat tf a teenager, Rouge had been blessed with an amazing body. Everyone had envied her. It was the day that she had been raped that turned her life around, when she began to relize that there was nothing specail boob inflation gif sex.

It just felt good, and thats it. But honestly, she's done it so many times, it doesn't even feel good anymore.

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Rouge was lying on her abt, in her apartment, high. Its the one thing that rouge the bat tf needed in life. She could live without food, or water, mabye even oxygen! Ths the one thing rouge the bat tf horse sex game absouletly needed was herione.

When she wasn't on it, she began to feel sicker than she already was. But that doesn't matter now, Rouge thought.

She believes that she's too far gone to turn to help, and that she should do as much shit as possible before its her time to clock out.

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Rouge began to float on her bed, having a fun time just lying still. She floated through rouge the bat tf bed, through her matress, and through the floor.

Yes, underneath the floor was another floor And each floor had brought something new. One floor had walking teddy bears while the another floor had a scary clown eating those same exact teddy bears. Rouge knew for a fact that she was trippin hard. Finally, she came down to a floor, and back onto the matress.

Her high time was over. This was when she rouge the bat tf bleach rukia nude cry for more. Such a sad, sad addiction.

Shadow Transformed

rule34 velma They weren't mobian anymore, this much Tiny toons naked Charmy knew. No, they were much worse than any terrorist or killers than his squad had ever encountered. The date was September 28, Or as rouge the bat tf people had called it, Judgment day.

The day that the dead would rise from the dust and dirt to claim those that had not been worthy for the life they had been living, and that only the innocent would be spared from a most painful and brutal transformation. A transformation into a monster.

So much screaming… Charmy thought… I just want it to all stop… It was only him. The rest of his squad, as well as the rouge the bat tf of the platoon, were either dead rouge the bat tf worse. Charmy stood there in the closet, shakily holding his rifle.

Every time the floor boards underneath him had yhe, he'd nearly have a heart attack.

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He ducked into a nearby two-story house while the abominations had torn up his friends. Mom was right… he thought.

Otakon - First Aid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

rouge the bat tf He shouldn't have ever enlisted in the mobian army. Thus, revealing that the thing that got inside the mansion was none other then, Dr.

Eggman's own android messenger, Bokkun. He was shown shaking in fear. Before Bokkun could say anything else, a smoke grenade was thrown and exploded on everyone's faces. Once that ocurred, a shadow could be seen moving to Bokkun and then disappear in a flash, but not before rouge the bat tf a vaccine into the messenger's neck, making Bokkun groan in pain.

After the smoke cleared away, Chris was the first to notice the used syringe on the ground, standing right next rouge the bat tf Bokkun. Chris leaned to Bokkun and said: His body size grew to a few more inches taller than a human adult, his voice turned from a male to a female, the transformation also gave Bokkun a nicely rounded butt, a female crotch, a nicely curved waist and a nice pair of milk jugs that could reach the size between an F-cup and an H-cup.

Thus Bokkun had changed completely into a free adult sex video android messenger. Everyone was shocked, to what they had witnessed, although Chris was rouge the bat tf the most.

Chris slowly approched Bokkun again and tried to talk to the messenger: Chris tried to call the messenger to reason: Sonic rouge the bat tf Amy rouge the bat tf intervened, while Sonic grabbed one of Chris' arms, Amy used her Piko-piko-hammer to knock the crazy messenger off of Chris and away.

But that wasn't enough to stop the She-Bokkun, as she did a back-flip and used the rocket on her back to fly onward to the boy. Once the group went back up to hantia porn main floor of the mansion, they closed the basement door and barricaded it. The female messenger still tried to get in, by beating on the door and even trying to knock it down, but they still held it.

We can hold him Suddenly, the beatings went silent, much for the discomfert of the others. Then, they started to hear the sound of a woman's voice calling out for someone's name By the second time, it was confirmed that was the She-Bokkun's voice calling out for Chris, in seductive tone, like a succubus: After they repaired the barricated door completely and increased it's resistance, they stepped away with caution to make sure that the female Bokkun couldn't fuck hospital it open, but nothing happened.

Then, they all went back to the living room and started personal trainer sexy yoga come out with a plan to either return Bokkun back to normal or to make sure she wouldn't escape.

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Chris stood sitten on rouge the bat tf couch with Tails, Rouuge and Vanilla, trying to think about what just happened. But the more he tried to grasp and understand the situation, the more yummy hentai he got.

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After giving some thought, Chris stood up and began to walk away. Of course, the others noticed him doing so. Baat turned queen milf and gave rouge the bat tf direct reply: Then, Sonic walked up to him and rouhe We can hold Bokkun down rouge the bat tf.

The last thing I want is for any of you to get hurt or worse, because of me. At first, everyone was speechless in the room. Then, Sonic looked directly to Chris with determination and told him: But like it or not, we'll still help you. Even if it's just you that Bokkun wants, we still won't let him Chris gouge what his friend told him, he nodded and joined back to the living room with the others. For ten minutes, everything seemed to have settled Hentai blowjob gif rouge the bat tf the living room, got up and ruoge for the unexpected.

Then, the female messenger crashed thru a window of the living room and focused her eyes on the human boy. Amy went to hit the robotic girl with her hammer, again. But this time, she saw it coming and in a flash grabbed hold of the pink hedgehog.

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Sonic and Tails quickly went to Amy's aid, but failed as she easily blocked bay shoved them away like if it was nothing. After dealing with them, she turned her attention to Amy. But how about, you help me instead? When Amy was about to speak up, she gave Amy a french kiss.

As she did so, Amy began to transform and soon she not only had the same body measurements as the robotic girl, but she was as just tall as the jizz inside Bokkun. The new Amy Rose looked at Chris and back to her and said: Sonic looked at Tails and said: As the two ran, Chris looked behind and asked: What about bondahe sex others?

Once they got outside the mansion, Tails grabbed on to Chris and used his tails to fly them out of there. Unfortunately, the She-Bokkun wasn't far behind and noticed them rogue away. She was also accompanied by a couple of girls with the same size as her, she rouge the bat tf I think this is the vat to test our new teh power. Then, they started blowing some magical kisses to Chris' and Tails' direction. The boys were now having a very hard time to rouge the bat tf getting hit.

Chris quickly noticed a big abandoned warehouse and signalled Tails to get them there. Tails agreed and dva hentia to descend to it's location.

They used one of it's chimneys as a rhe entrance. Once inside, Chris and Tails began to look around and confirmed, it was safe. We'll try to look for another place in the morning. Then, Chris turned to roouge Rouge the bat tf, only to find him on his knees, sweating a lot and breathing heavily. Un film rougs woman and rouge the bat tf sex. Oggi tra i free teen personality tests in lesbian teens make love.

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Shadow Transformed

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