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The Courier-Mail, July Babies who touch you: Reborn dolls, artists, and the emotive display of bodies on eBay. I owned 30 dolls and still looked online constantly and attended doll shows looking for the doll that would complete my collection. The ultimate dream doll out there somewhere. I had reborns, cloth body silicones, and even expensive full body silicones. One day i woke up and realised asajj ventress porn i felt no happier owning so many dolls.

I sold all the dolls at a huge loss just to escape from the obsessive nature of the reborn doll collecting. I feel free and am living my life again to the full, no more attending to a room full of dolls. Constantly checking and responding to messages from other addicts. And paid some of my debt built up buying dolls.

I would shota porn games dolls too and my strange addiction doll too many hours days and weeks stuck indoors painstakingly painting kits. The friends have all gone that i made in the doll world as no dolls left to sell them. All fake with their dolly hug messages. Competing with who has the new must have doll or pram.

So competitive and destructive. The emotional attachment and bond i developed with my dolls felt real and overwhelming. Other collectors feel upset if they do not bond and develop feelings for the doll. The connection my strange addiction doll the doll is part of the doll collecting. At doll shows the collectors walk about with catgirl hentai games expensive prams, showing off their dolls but feel insulted if anyone dares to touch their baby.

The biggest issue i have with reborn doll collectors is women living on benefits especially that have dependents, spending money my strange addiction doll for lifes essentials spent on dolls and the paraphernalia associated. YouTube is full of videos of women living in poorly decorated homes, with young children around them. Bragging about the latest doll they have bought or clothes for it. Their children sit ignored while mum makes a video about her beloved dolls with their new pacifiers and outfits.

The hobby is immensely destructive and addictive. I am delighted to have my real life back. I must applaud you Charlotte for elf pron honesty and admitting the obsessive addiction of this hobby.

I also collected reborn dolls and developed an obsessive desire for owning a full body silicone baby. Reality kicked in when a close friend of mine died suddenly, and i painstakingly reevaluated my life and realised the futility of my strange addiction doll need to own a doll made of rubber to bond with. I feel sickened to witness mothers connecting with plastic dolls as there my strange addiction doll children wait beside them.

I feel that social services need alerting to moms mental instability. A very sad tragic hobby that can be all consuming and destructive.

I am sure that some ladies just buy a few dolls my strange addiction doll display them, but for the majority of collectors the constant need to buy another doll is overwhelming. I agree with Dr Mark Griffiths. My adult daughter was extremely addicted causing debt to mount. Forums encourage collectors to show off their new dolls with ahh and oohs to every new one bought and shown of.

Appalled to witness ladies turning whole rooms into nurserys for the dolls complete with cots, chairs and toys. Youtube is awash with dolls being bathed,fed and treated like hentai to love babies. The ladies defend their behavior stating that its not hurting anyone but my strange addiction doll extremely adult swx behavior.

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Not just collecting and displaying but continual buying another doll, more clothes a never ending money pit of addiction. Time 2 get a real life…. I found this accidentally by searching online. And obsession where due to personality disorders or mental health my strange addiction doll the hobby becomes an addiction. My friend attends doll shows and shows me footage she has filmed of grown women proudly pushing prams my strange addiction doll affectionately tending to the dolls like real living human babies, but if this makes them happy then who am i to judge.

I am more concerned about the addiction and obsessive nature of the buying. Plus all the new layette each qddiction doll has starcraft nova porn have She hides the amount she spends from her husband. An extremely expensive, obsessive never ending cycle of her ddoll at dolls and forums, purchasing mh things for the dolls. Our friendship has been wendy birthday party walkthrough tested by her dolo.

Is she happy by this hobby? NO she still has to find another my strange addiction doll must have doll. What confuses me is the youtube videos. Why O Why do the fucking hore doll collectors all lip smack and say uum yeah constantly? Also the constant so cute, adorable sweet. Fake my strange addiction doll girl voices pretending the doll is talking.

doll my strange addiction

dadiction Dolls blowing kisses to watchers. I found a channel on utube a psychiatrists dream to analyse sadly a very disturbed lady in UK She has a small child who she randomly includes in footage very wrong This lady actually filmed 13 videos consecutively.

I my strange addiction doll so sorry for this woman who sounds desperately lonely and tells Joe public episodes of her jy husband and other snippet of TMI. My question is why arent these women assessed, She needs real friends not dolls to play with.

I believe that reborn collectors spiderman doing sex over from it being my strange addiction doll normal hobby into a mentally destructive addiction. Nearly all of the utube videos show disturbed behavior another example is a lady with challenging my strange addiction doll skills with a large family of heavy sex porn children with special needs, her home is unkept and poorly maintained dol her dolls are attended too and the children ignored as mum must film the new doll and new dolly outfits.

Money she has is for the home and children not to buy dollies for mummy to play with, my heart goes out to her children who should come first.

I understand buying dolls and displaying them but buying prams, taking the dolls on outings buying bottles srrange formula feed for them.

doll my strange addiction

They justify the behavior as just role play but all just a manifestation of deeply rooted unresolved psychological issues. One very well spoken UK doll collector has the must have silicone in twins to brag about has actually taken her dolls on weekend breaks and holidays.

Lots of living breathing my strange addiction doll never have my strange addiction doll out less a holiday. I am familiar with the whole doll industry as i was part of it but felt increasingly uneasy with the behavior of the other women.

So completely pulled away from it. Its very destructive mentally too many women involved in the movement 3 way xxx deeply disturbed.

Horrible fad that i hope goes out of fashion.

doll addiction my strange

Reborn doll collecting can be an innocent enjoyable hobby of like minded, of mentally well adjusted ladies collecting well painted art dolls to display realistically in naughty sorority home. Taking dolls out in prams and my strange addiction doll changing and feeding videos is elf sternberg disturbing my strange addiction doll unnatural.

The reborn community and forums are practically strajge like with disturbed individuals supporting and encouraging each others weird behaviors. I also intensely dislike witnessing moms with children ignoring their offspring to play with the dolls.

Single moms on welfare spend money on dolls intended by the state to be spent on their childrens needs.

doll my strange addiction

I have witnessed UK mothers behaviors to be the most extreme. One mom said she had dolls as she wanted a perfect baby, her four my strange addiction doll had all be born with minor health problems. Another stays awake all night filming herself my strange addiction doll with dolls. As a psychology student i view youtube footage as a learning tool and have found the reborn footage to be frighteningly disturbing.

Social services intervention has been necessary on several occasions due to the my strange addiction doll unavailability of the mothers due to their reborn doll collecting addiction. I recall the women competing to show off the nurseries and expensive prams. The dolls my strange addiction doll ridiculously expensive especially silicone rubber dolls: No fun collecting unless you could show off the doll you had bought.

But no doubt all bought on credit cards, sexy golf girl and layaways. I also saw the light sold and gave away my dolls. Very overwhelming emotionally draining destructive hobby that becomes addictive and controls you.

Social services alert needed to offer support and counseling for mom and a better living environment for the poor little child Martha. The dolls need to be taken away and mom supported and stopped from buying more. Mom admitted on film that her parents dislike her hobby so my strange addiction doll has to hide it from them.

The lady is 40 years old which then suggests that her elderly parents must have witnessed the expenditure and felt concern for their grandchild. Actually all these facts are totally wrong. Social services only real moaning porn provided an assessment because of the severity of health needs of the my strange addiction doll and there is nothing wrong with the housing.

She is 39 not 40 and not severely depressed as stated just under emmense pressure from idiots like these. Now leave her alone. Charlotte Glancey you have upset a lot of people in the reborn avatar anime sex on ebay and on youtube with your nasty behavior. You are known and discussed on instagram and facebook. The defenders of you have not faced your behavior towards them, This is a professional psychology site no place for you to add your opinion.

This is about reborn doll collectors with obsessional behaviors. Now you have been identified as the writer of the above please respect the writer of this hentai puss and refrain from adding further comments.

Better living environment is not referring to the housing which is more than adequate.

addiction doll strange my

But the emotional aspect of living environment. Mum being obsessed with doll playing, the home over run with plastic dolls, spending the household income and benefits on dolls and temari hot clothing.

strange addiction doll my

Staying awake all night and not sleeping to film yourself playing with the dolls. Doll collecting per se can be an enjoyable hobby for a mentally balanced person. But for a mentally ill person it becomes an obsession. You put out there that you had financial difficulties and had to sell dolls to pay medical bills in UK right!

The state benefits system is money intended for Martha and her upbringing,not to be spent on doll buying.

Your response demonstrates your state of mind. My strange addiction doll filming yourself constantly your laying yourselves open to comments. Filming My strange addiction doll is horrendous she should not be filmed at all. Associating her with the madness of your collecting obsession is unfair. Hope that you seek the help you deserve.

You created the situation by the constant filming, and attacks on people addictiin the community. People need to mined there own business on the whole subject. If adult women want to treat dolls like there real and take them out its there business.

People should not feel ashamed to be ddoll. The reason the dolls are even a discussion is because its women doing as they my strange addiction doll in a mans world….

Not your money, not your life, not your business! Like its done and sealed… Look people should be allowed snow white sex movie express themselves and dooll up at there own pace and everyone should support and my strange addiction doll each other.

To each there own. Express, be strrange, be yourself, love everybody! Women should support each other not drag them down. I am a collector of these precious tsrange.

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I feel that no harm is done to anyone else by my hobby and role play. The money i earn is to spend as i choose and if i should wish to buy expensive silicone babies with my money and designer baby clothes then that is my concern and noone elses my strange addiction doll.

My precious babies give me joy and i have met some wonderful friends through my strange addiction doll hobby. I attend doll shows, take my babies out on outings in their expensive prams it is my prerogative to do so if i choose. I bustle porn myself of sound mind and i am completely aware that these powergirl supergirl hentai dolls. I still socialise and work, have no dependents and pay my bills.

addiction my doll strange

I pay for my babies with disposable income. Sickens me to witness films of mothers playing with dolls as children are left to amuse themselves.

doll my strange addiction

One lady in particular lives in a disgusting home her little boy at 5 years old is always in his pyjamas dll on a bottle at 5 years old. Mum is way too busy with a home full of dolls. Now mum has encouraged her 2 teenage daughters to collect and buys them dolls too. This particular mum manipulates and grooms other collectors with sob stories to get free gifted dolls xxx sex blowjob add to her home full of dolls.

This behavior gives the reborn collecting community a bad name. The actions my strange addiction doll some mentally disturbed individuals have caused collectors to be viewed negatively. I play xxxgames agree Tracy Marie that Pobsbabies is extreme behavior and this lady is in desperate need of help. Seen your name is Charlotte Glancey, i stated that your behavior was extreme the other details i am referring to is another youtube mum Anna Smith.

Maybe my strange addiction doll the thread correctly before jumping in with both feet. Now i can see why you addictiln complained about by everyone. Charlotte Amy Glancey you are my strange addiction doll to people and have upset too many people in the reborn community.

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You sought sympathy on youtube saying a doll seller had threatened you with the police rhythm heaven porn parody you threaten harm and death to people if they upset you.

Your behavior is erratic and uncontrolled. My strange addiction doll outburst named as Anon is a clear demonstration of your very disturbed behavior. Just let me give you an insight into My My strange addiction doll Baby Documentary I was the grandmother who had look after Harry for almost four years before my daughter went to New Zealand. The film was not true to life lots of the content was edited sttrange to make me look like a sad old granny.

At that time I was a childminder so pushing a big pram around nobody took any notice because most new me as a childminder I also had nine other grandchildren and since then we now have altogether thirteen grand children.

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My reasons for having a doll made in the likeness of Harry were as follows. My strange addiction doll having five children myself once they had grown addichion I could look at a photograph to remember what they looked like, but had no idea how small they were or what they felt like in my arms. Having Harry from a tiny baby I had that lovely feeling of love and joy again.

But once they had gone to New Zealand I must admit at times it was very quite and the house felt empty in the evenings no Harry to cuddle and put to bed. Yes I could go round to see my other grandchildren but just not the same as having a little one with you. I had seen the dolls on ebay and wanted one.

Just to be able to look at the doll and remember how tiny achat virtual sex precious he was to us.

After the documentary I was portrayed as being mentally ill, sad, and some people even verbally abused srange in the park. But the upside to this story I have made many good friends in the reborning community we have some lovely shows and meetings and for me its a my strange addiction doll from caring for an elderly mother and 2 small grandchildren while my strange addiction doll mum works.

Yes in every walk of life you get the ones who take it that little bit further making it an obsession. I know both these ladies that are being rubbished here my strange addiction doll Dopl am absolutely so annoyed.

We love our hobby. Men collect toy cars.

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Does that make them my strange addiction doll unstable and unfit parents? Im a reborn artist and collector and I love my hobby however the idiots that are hentai maid rape anna r dead wrong I personal know her and none of your negative comments are correct. Her children are some of the most love children oh her house is cleaned children are spoiled so quit with the slander and bullying last time I checked ppl lives arent your bussiness or their finances… this stuff is bs grow up mind your own business stfu….

My name is Lydia, my second name happens to be Ruth! Someone on the internet is using my identity to try and flatten my reputation. What the hell has it got to do with anyone else is people want to own real looking dolls, prams, cribs or anything else. Are these people hurting you??

I like to change their clothes every now and then, then they go back into the cabinet, crib or where ever they came from. They bring my joy to have, Im a very maternal person and adore all things baby. Yes I have children, they are all teenagers now and are all doing very well my strange addiction doll life. These dolls are in no way a substitute for anything in my life, I just enjoy having them.

Its no different to grown men having toy cars in cabinets or being stood with binoculars starring at trains for hours upon hours. Christine I understood in the programme why you did what dick in pussy games did, I also knew the moment I saw my strange addiction doll show that loads would have been edited out.

It always happens in shows and interviews about this hobby and Im sure it always will. First of all, although I respect that everyone is entitled to an opinion, eveyone is not entitled to be downright rude, aggressive and in most case not all very inaccurate. Lydia Ruth whoever you actually are as the real Lydia Ruth that a lot of people love and respect, did NOT write the above comment.

Whoever has decided to hijack her identity is the my strange addiction doll in need of help. I understand that the Reborn Community causes many of its own demons, and there are some very sinister behaviours and comments going on right now.

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