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Rosario Vampire

How did you hear about us? Looking good so far!

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Though I must point out the line showing at her crotch area. I think the lines are too deep.

Piccolo Rosario Vampire Kurumu Kurono 3d Mouse Pad | eBay

Though kurumu kurono sexy you remember how she is standing, it would be logical to think that those lines will naturally show. Just wish the lines were faded a lot more.

Toon facials is just my opinion though.

sexy kurumu kurono

Also, notice how detailed her tummy area is. I really like Orchid Seeds attention to detail when it comes to the female body.

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I have secy knowledge on figure manufacturing so those lines in the side of her belly and around kurumu kurono sexy right thigh are expected. Might be different for other figure owners as these are unique for each of us.

kurono sexy kurumu

Now notice her cute expression here. And then jump to the next photo to see how perspective changes how she looks at you.

kurono sexy kurumu

Now her straps are off…. Her nipples are very Orchid Seed in style!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Now notice the line on her thigh. Sexy Lucy, Erza and Wendy. Sexy Lucy Heartfilia and Nami.

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Sexy Rias and Rossweisse. Juri Han Street Fighter.

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Punishing Time Erza Scarlet. Lucy Heartfilia, Virgo and Aquarius Sexy badeanzug.

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Levi kicking Eren even his kick is sexy lol. Lucy X Erza Sexy Massage. To remove her outfit, you just have to detach her upper body by just pulling it slightly upward.

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Kurumu kurono sexy the upper and lower body are separated, you can just pull the skirt kuruju. Removing the part that covers her breast is also a walk in the park. Remove the laces first and just pull the part gently to remove it.

sexy kurumu kurono

Orchid Seed has done a terrific job hentai without rape recreating Kurumu as a very nice kurumu kurono sexy sexy figure. The overall sculpt, details, and paint job was top quality making it a worthy addition to your entire figure collection.

I do hope they kutono by creating the other female characters as well.

sexy kurumu kurono

The figure stands roughly mm and her whole maid outfit is Orchid Seed is going to release this very hot figure rendition of the succubus babe Kurumu Kurono from the hit ecchi anime Rosario To Vampire. The figure was based on Kurumu kurono sexy next figure review is coming real soon.

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Kurumu kurono sexy was a character from Just watched Ant-Man and the Wasp the other day and it was a blast. I have lurumu feelings over this new Hulkbuster design. I still like the original HB armor that debuted on Avengers:

sexy kurumu kurono