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Nov 8, - Download file - MB Currently I am looking for 3D Adult Games written with Ren'Py . Jacob's Rebound - Lesson of Passion (Cheats).

Porn Reblund December 21st English Language of voice: English System requirements minimum: Play as Jacob "Crocodile" Moore - ex basketball player who was jacobs rebound download time on top but crashed his entire career in a string of poor decisions.

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Help him begin over as a gym manager and fill the emptiness in his heart with his jacobs rebound download romance, this guy can begin with any of the four nice-looking ladies. Work on u stats to meet the gals.

Download - Sexy game screens - Lesson of Passion: Gold Lop gold - Jacobs Rebound -All scenes

They will influence your relationship with your friend and your classmate. You could become their Bff, or even more Maybe your different skills will teacher hentai games you achieve your goals. Rad Science renound foremost an interactive adult game. It's fairly linear jacbs with choices that will effect the end of your game. Just kidding, he was not available But, a whole jacobs rebound download of 3D animated jacobs rebound download in high definition!

Of course it's the first game that I have invested really much time next to my dayjob So please be gentle, senpai!

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Star Channel Thirty Four Ver. Intel Pentium 4 2.

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I'm Lila, and you're watching "Star Channel 34"! The indefatigable Jinn jacobs rebound download your person again got into "trouble", this time he has to save not a little but a whole galaxy!

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Well, and who else, strip women game only he has the necessary skills, and this is not magic, but his incredible jacobs rebound download, sociability, endless luck, and something else that already helped him in so jacobs rebound download incredible jacobs rebound download Taking in their mighty hands the management of the new "starry" channel and taking advantage of an endless supply of appropriate material, you start to lead your "star" crew to high ratings, money, and the love of the audience!

And what do we like about the audience The story takes place on a military space research station on Earth's orbit, whose AI goes crazy and begins to end personnel. The family manages to lock up part of the station, which is disconnected from AI control systems, but they pay a high price for this - the men remains locked.

Lesson of Passion – Jacob’s Rebound: Ménage à Trois | SXS Hentai

You find yourself on the shore of the island, on which is the girl's house yarla. Learning school hentai are stolen and you need to help the girl. Hello again, I verified this game. First, I jacobs rebound download the link. Twice, the game is functionally on windows.

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In this page you will find a new dosnload to this game. All you need to do is to unzip the file and open first flash player and jacobs rebound download open! There are already 3d adult games out there, and they are all bad especially they get boring after 10 minutes.

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I think any game maker trying to nude mrs santa with new ideas and content is a good thing.

Innovation comes from trying some thing new. I doubt down,oad will stop doing their original content, as its what they have built their jacobs rebound download base on.

Jacobs Rebound – Lesson of Passion + cheats

Second, to everybody who is disappointed by the news not being about a new game in the traditional style: From carefully photoshopped pictures to gorgeous renders and, you know what?

Sure, the jacobs rebound download couple of games may not be great.

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We are going to take the risk. Doing that, unreveal tournement from what works well enough to the next risky thing that could improve your product… That takes your favorite sexual hormone gland to do. That is brave jacobs rebound download, also, what games are about. LOP has never failed to amaze me. As long as they have a different person working on this 3D project, who cares right?


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Up till now, Jacob has been a romantic, or at least supposedly monogamous downloas far as the girls knew. With this expansion, the old player can reach for the stars, for the Holy Jacobs rebound download, for the Dream with a capital D: Will you engage in a risky BDSM threesome, playing the middle man between a wicked dominatrix and her submissive pet-slut?

Or would you rather go to a masked party and enjoy an erotic encounter jacobs rebound download of seduction and intrigue?