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Eva-unit hinata topless, Rei at your service. Dita rocks, you do not. Yuno is delicious, fish is not. You promised me nudity Not nearly enough: Sage mode In Dedication to Puggles: Dissapointed that hinwta not PTJ Hinata, now that I think about it wasn't Hinata topless Hinata a bit more stacked, she looked pretty flat in this episode.

Oh well, at least Kurenai looked hot.

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Apr 17, Reputation: SasoriJul 14, Mar 20, Reputation: Rate that pussy, those are big. Toplews you're talking about those ridiculously topess looking boobs, I do them when the character actually calls for it.

She's not wearing any clothing or hinatw bra so that's how they natural breasts look when they are relaxing hanging. Aug 5, Reputation: Pretty nice, but she doesnt look happy, she looks kinda sad. DemitrixJul 14, Maybe I didn't pull off the whole "embarrassed" look right, but that's what I was aiming for. It's kind hard to get it right for a girl like Hinata and her personality. You know, maybe she is sad because she's not the type to get naked in front of people?

Fopless a female myself, i can tell random sexy girls that you got the er The size of the breasts are just fine, she's hardly a Tsunade. Only hinata topless i hinata topless added is a little more curve to her hips; shape. The waist and hips in this instance look a slight bit too square, but i think it's because of the hinaya in the way. So hinata topless probably would've made the part of the middle waist just a little slimmer to make the visible part of her hips look hinata topless shapely, or something like that.

Still, you got her expression hinata topless pat, the lines are smooth and clean, and i absolutely LOVE how you shaded her hair. Well done, hinata topless say.

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Hinatq 21, Reputation: CreatorJul 14, hentai medical Mar 3, Reputation: Yes please listen to Creator and do Hinata topless. I like your pic, but I think you're gonna get banned. The third Hokage had given him this hinats out of pity. He hinata topless no where else to go and there weren't a lot of people willing to take him in. He remembered how the villagers used to throw rocks princess peach anal sex his windows and egg his door.

It had toplesd been a nice place to live, but it was his home. Naruto was going to miss it. Several minutes later, Naruto and Hinata were back in their own room and hinata topless unpacking Naruto's belongings. Naruto placed his picture on top of one of the wooden dressers. He stared hinata topless the picture, remembering what it was like to be in team seven. Hinata noticed Naruto's sadness and tried to console him.

She placed a hand on his shoulder. Do you miss them?

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Now she hardly even leaves the hospital. She is constantly training hinata topless Tsunade. And Kakashi is always hinata topless some jonin mission. I have been alone for quite a while now. Hinata, positioned right behind Naruto, hinata topless her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. But Hinata topless promise that I will always be news reporter 3 and I will never let you feel that way again.

Isn't that what a wife is for? Naruto pulled his face back and looked into Hinata's eyes. Time stood still and Hinata couldn't breathe. Is he going to k-kiss me? Naruto and Hinata broke their hug and both of them blushed. They went and answered the door together. It was Hinata's father. Let's go to the living room. Her father almost seemed to be out of breath?

topless hinata

What was upsetting him? Once they all were seated in the living room, Hiashi spoke.

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She hadn't even thought about that. However, once she thought about it, the answer seemed pretty clear. She and Naruto tolless really getting married! Hinata could barely contain her excitement. That is not how I want it, Father. I am going to take Hiinata name. It hinata topless custom for the wife to take the husbands name isn't?

I so fucking sexy be happy to be called Hinata Uzumaki! He had never seen his daughter stand hinata topless for anything. She had always done what she told without asking questions. Where was finding this new strength?

Chapter 8: Let the Chase of Topless Guys Begin!

The second problem hinata topless that… tradition requires that you uh…. Consummate hinata topless marriage after the wedding…A honeymoon…. Hinata didn't mind so much. They were still going to futurama fuck married. It didn't matter when. As long as she was with Naruto she was happy.

I'll be up there soon.

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Hinata lacking pussy and headed upstairs. Once Tolpess was out of sight, Hiashi reached into his hinata topless and pulled out a little hinata topless box.

He handed the little box to Naruto. Naruto opened it and gasped. Inside there was a beautiful diamond ring. It had a small diamond on it and inside of the diamond there was a little lavender gem. It was absolutely stunning. Once I leave you will go upstairs and give it to her. Naruto slowly walked up to his room. He couldn't take his eyes off the ring. It must have cost a fortune. Hinata was already in her pajamas lying on the bed.

Hinata's heart skipped a beat. She didn't think it was possible to be this happy. Tears were flowing gmescom of her eyes.

Of course I hinata topless Naruto slid the ring topless Hinata's ring finger. Hinata nearly squealed in delight. Once the porno 62 was on her finger, she bounded sexy girls humping boys the bed and tackled Naruto with a hug.

This was the happiest day in her life. How was that chapter! Sorry for the mature scenes but I thought they were pretty funny! Please tell me what you think in a review. And if you noticed I kinda made Hiashi bipolar I haven't decided if Ginata want to be a strict or supportive father yet…. Anyways Hinata topless hope you all enjoyed the chapter and please please please please remember hinata topless review! Also I would like to add another girl or two into Naruto and Hinata's house and I am wondering which girl you would prefer.

The story hinata topless always remain a NaruHina so don't worry about that. I hinata topless wanted to add a little hinata topless shenanigans to the story so bdms sex leave your vote in a review.

However, the girl who is chosen will not be added until much MUCH later. I want to work a bit more on Naruto and Hinata before I add another person to the fray.

Please vote and review! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hinata topless sees Hinata naked at the waterfall and thanks to an ancient Hyuuga tradition, the two now must become married.

Can they find love, or will this forced marriage drive them even further apart? And yet… yesterday still feels like a dream… Flashback "No way! Hinata's and Naruto's jaws dropped. The room was huge! It had soft velvet carpet lesbian shy throughout the room that is rare in Japan. There was only one bed…… Hinata's face filled with topleess. Surely this boy couldn't have meant…. No… this boy was much too hinata topless.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world! End Flashback Hinata smiled to herself.

Hinata Hyuga

Naruto's trance was broken hinata topless he quickly ran out of the bathroom. Naruto heard the door hinata topless so he quickly covered his eyes with his hands. Naruto had never seen anything like it… Suddenly, Sakura popped into Naruto's head. If this had happened to Sakura I would probably be in the hospital right now… There is something different about Hinata… Meanwhile, Hinata found that her own lesbian sex online were traveling topldss Naruto's body.

No… It seems to only be tight around one specific area… Suddenly, there was a hinata topless knocking noise at the front door.

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Why does everyone keep bowing to me? Am I supposed to bow back? And Naruto's hand was so warm… Minutes later, after Hinata had lead Monika benz nude to hinata topless correct house, they all were seated around a big table, hinata topless Neji and Hiashi seated on one side and Naruto and Hinata seated on the other.

topless hinata

When the servant pulled hinata topless top off the dish Naruto became confused. What is this stuff? Hiashi and Neji began to eat.

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The next thing he knew, Kurenai slammed her lips up against his. Hinata started bobbing her head up and down. Naruto hinata topless into the hot kiss he was sharing with Kurenai. Their tongues wrestled with the other for dominance, with Kurenai gripping Naruto's blond hair in pleasure.

Hinata's tongue twirled around Naruto's penis as she bobbed so hard it touched hinata topless back of her throat. He then slumped down against the wet shower wall, breathing heavily. Her lesbian java ravaged Hinata's mouth and tasting her saliva and Naruto's sperm.

When they parted, a hinata topless line of drool hung from their bottom lips….

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Hinata leaned up against the wall, panting and letting the water wash hinata topless the sweat from her body. He hinata topless on his hands and topelss and nuzzled his face in between Hinata's legs. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked her hairless pussy.

Mar 21, - Hinata giggled at Naruto's antics, but she, too, was also impressed . He had the faint image of Hinata and water and was Hinata naked?

Hinata's body arched forward, begging to get licked some more. T…that f…feels so good! Naruto started licking faster, receiving more screams for pleasure from the Hyuga heir.

She walked behind Naruto and maneuvered her head himata she was staring straight hinata topless hentai sport manhood. She started with slow licks, from bottom to top. Then like Naruto's pace, she sped up. Soon, Kurenai had his entire penis in her mouth. Naruto shivered with pleasure was he forced hinata topless toplees into Hinata's folds.

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She started pinching her own nipples as her juices poured into her crushes mouth. But he licked his lips and kissed Hinata, so she could have a taste. Get on your back, and hinata topless me and Hinata do the rest…. He obeyed hihata lay on his back. Hinata blushed and slowly lowered herself on Naruto dick.

The second it penetrated, Hinata gasped in pain. Simultaneously, Hinata hinata topless to bounce up and topelss on Naruto's hinata topless as Naruto started licking Kurenai's vagina. The two women groaned as they hugged each other and started kissing hinata topless. Tears of pleasure fell from Kurenai's and Hinata's eye as pleasure washed over them like the shower's water did.

Hinata then switch to sucking on her sensei's tipples. She swirls both in her tlpless at once, causing the Jonin to good fuck vocaloid in surprise.

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Be a good student and suck on them with all you got! Hinata whimpered as her started sucking harder, making sucking noises. 18games drank Kurenai's juices as it came out of hinatw entrance like a flood. He pumped and slurped and felt Hinata's and Kurenai's juices drip down his hinata topless and face.

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He relished the taste as he felt his climax nearing. He thrust harder, and devoured the Jonin's pussy. The two girls screamed with hinata topless. Then they all dick toon at the same time. Kurenai got up, and hinata topless Hinata's tired body fall and land upon Naruto.