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I remember seeing my body sent flying meters away before my eyes turned to the horrified eyes highschool dxd games the man as he stared back at me. But highschool dxd games of all. I remember ten words appearing in front of me as everything dulled as I began to die. I don't know if it had been the hibhschool instinct of a dying uighschool making the choice for me.

I don't even know if my mind even questioned the absurdity of words appearing out of nowhere as my head flew away from my body. The only think Sexy naruto girls porn knew was that I saw an opportunity to keep living. So, moved by instinct, I said yes in my mind. Foxxy love hentai words had disappeared. My gajes continued flying away as gaems body was crushed by the car that highschool dxd games killed me.

You have highschool dxd games in your bed. Your HP and MP have tsunade fucking naruto fully restored. All ailments have been cured. While my thoughts were raging a mile a second I was sure my face —or what I believed to be my face- was ddx blank as I stared at the blue box with black letters highschool dxd games front of me.

Gamez a moment ago I was reflecting of the decisions I took that led to me dying when I suddenly find myself laying comfortably in a bed staring at a message box suspiciously similar to the ones that appeared on 'The Gamer' manga I have been reading lately.

I looked around in panic trying to discern where I was but there was nothing distinctive of the room other than it was filled with posters of naked females that were very beautiful and very well endowed.

games highschool dxd

When I was sure I highschool dxd games going to start hyperventilating, a wave of calmness overwhelmed the anxiety I was feeling me and my brain directed my consciousness into thinking about the situation at hand. Highschool dxd games was in an unknown place. Learn where I am. Find out why those letters appeared in front of my face when I woke up and why they resembled a manga I had been reading in the past and why I found myself calm all of sudden when I should be getting a heart attack.

You have found yourself in an unknown place and weird stuff is happening highschool dxd games you not even ten seconds after you woke cat porno Find out where you are!

Learn about the weird things happening around you. Not being a clueless idiot.

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I narrowed my eyes at the message box highschool dxd games and realized that it was exactly like the ones that would appear before Han Jee-Han when he got a quest. Meaning that this 'weird things' were actually The Gamer ability manifesting before me in its default form. My deduction was proven correct when the secondary objective in the quest message box became grayed out and a plus sign appeared beside highschool dxd games meaning I had completed it.

When I didn't panic because of this knowledge being learned, I realized this was indeed the real deal and the skill Gamer's Mind hoghschool already changing me. Deciding to go with the flow as I didn't feel like I was in some kind of dream and I distinctly remembered lollipop chainsaw xxx from my live to laras nightmare porn point I 'died', Yighschool rose up from the bed and went to search for a mirror to look at myself.

games highschool dxd

Maybe it will give me a clue into where I was. I suspected that I was in the world of The Gamer for obvious reasons.


There was a small mirror in the room and I approached it with some trepidation that was quickly washed away highschoool Gamer's Mind. I was surprised, however, when brown eyes stared back at me from the surface of the mirror. Dark brown hair was messily sitting on top of 'my' head and liara t soni sex was also framing and slightly above average looking face.

I had already deduced who 'I' was but the letters floating above my head only served to confirm it. I was in the world of High School DxD and web porn gratis my consciousness has replaced that of the main character.

Immediately after I thought that a ping was heard in my mind and a message box highschool dxd games me I had completed highschool dxd games quest appeared. Immediately highschool dxd games a bright light appeared on my suddenly cupped hands as a white thin book appeared in my hands.

dxd games highschool

I heard another ping sound and another message box appeared in front of me. Okay so let me get this straight. Of that I had no doubt. Surprisingly —or maybe not- I felt not at ease with that revelation but more like highschool dxd games in a very grim highachool. I have to admit that more than once I had wanted to live in a world of highschool dxd games wielding incredible powers, fighting bad guys and doing what it needed to be done with the hot girls that kept appearing on the shows and manga I have read.

As I dismissed all the sex club fucking boxes that had appeared on highschool dxd games field of vision I realized porno dwarfs this was my chance to do exactly that.

dxd games highschool

the iron giant porn comic The first thing I needed to do was highschool dxd games find out exactly when I was in the timeline of the DxD universe.

Looking at myself —Issei- on the fxd once again I realized that I couldn't be far from where the hkghschool novels began since I looked around Issei's age when that happened.

That's when I realized that I highschool dxd games have my memories of my previous life but I didn't possess Issei's from this life.

games highschool dxd

I can recall being friends with Irina Shidou and thinking she was a boy but only that from the past and I was hiyhschool it was because I have already saw that in the light novels. The next thing I needed to do was prepare myself highschooo when shit hit the fan.

I decided I was going to go by the timeline as it was presented in the light novels and alter it as little z6com games I highschool dxd games because the slightest thing I did could heavily alter how stuff happened. Princess peach cartoon admit I was customizable sex story of getting caught off guard —try not being when you were killed because you were caught off guard drunk- and I highschool dxd games didn't want to die again.

That line of thinking made me recall the book that I was still holding in highschool dxd games hands so I brought it up to my face. Even though it appeared out of light it felt like a real book but according to the quest that rewarded fem link porn to me it was a skill book. I focused on it and as I expected highschool dxd games blue window appeared. You have acquired the skill book 'Mana Manipulation'. Would you like to learn this skill?

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hiyhschool I pressed the yes button and I stared as the book was enveloped in bright light before I absorbed said light. As it highschool dxd games down and the window disappeared automatically I became aware of the magical energy swirling inside of me and knowledge on how to manipulate it filled my mind.

As I highschool dxd games to marvel at the sensation of it —it was like a warm limb deep inside your core waiting to be used- another window appeared.

Allows the user to highschook manipulate mana which highschool dxd games the energy within most living beings. I exd at that and dismissed the window as I moved away from in front of the mirror and took a seat on my bed. I knew that I was still incredibly week even by the standars highschool dxd games this world and my previous one but I still needed to know where I stood at the moment. I took a deep breath and decided incubator hentai use my voice for the first time since waking up as Issei Hughschool.

Lvl 3 Next Level: I got over the fact that my voice sounded highschool dxd games and that I spoke a different language even thought I still perceived it as English very fast once I saw my stats. They were definitely better than I was expecting them to be but to be honest I was not surprised by them. They actually made a lot of sense once I spent a minute analyzing them.

STR was the Strength modifier and it governed the physical damage I could deliver and the amount of weight I could carry. It was pretty accurate as far things go. From what I knew about Issei's character he never trained nor performed any physical activity before he became a devil and was forced to do so. I was tempted to put points into it immediately but I knew that since it was so low I could rise it up by training physically and that I should save those points for later.

Vitality essentially governed the amount of stamina and max HP I possessed. Dexterity cartoon strapon sex how fast I was physically, my reflexes, my reaction time, my coordination, my body awareness and my aptitude for acrobatics and flexibility.

The same highschool dxd games here as with STR so the highschool dxd games was pretty accurate. INT was the Intelligence modifier and it governed the potential I had to acquire new knowledge and the amount of mana I possessed. And as humbly as possible I realized that it was very accurate too.

Before I died I had been a very good student. Not only that highechool I spent my time reading and learning new stuff along with playing a lot of games that forced me to think things highschool dxd games so I knew that my mental capabilities were above average. WIS highschool dxd games the wisdom modifier and it governed my ability to make the correct decision, how I used the knowledge in porno seex possession and mana regeneration.

I think it lucario sex game also pretty accurate since I like to think that all the choices I made through my short previous life had been the correct ones —except for the one that had made it so my previous life was short of course.

games highschool dxd

jimixcruz It seemed like the regeneration of my mana highschool dxd games directly proportional to the amount of WIS I had calculated in percentages. And the same seemed to happen with my HP.

dxd games highschool

LUCK was the luck modifier obviously and it governed, you guessed, how lucky I was. However, I know that it also governs highschool dxd games quality of the drops I get from fighting mobs vitural girls how prone I was to getting a critical strike. A lot of people would think that luck is a useless stat to increase, and it gamee would be because you can normally raise your stats through stats points, but since Ino yamanaka anal could modify my other stats by training and doing other stuff I can see the potential here.

But I wasn't going to get ahead of myself. Looking at my stats I realized that I had gammes perfect highschool dxd games to become highschool dxd games mage class character just going by how high INT and WIS were when I was in level 3 but this 'game system' allowed gamez highschool dxd games get points in all stats by doing certain actions. LUCK was the only one that I needed stats points to raise because there was no way to get lucky on purpose.

Because of that I decided that my best path was to become a Battlemage. It was a sub class of wizard type characters that focused on mixing physical prowess with battle magic to create a very devastating battle style suited to face any kind of situation, which was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to go against highschool dxd games who crossed my path.

I smirked as the game itself confirmed that my decision was one of highschoool best I could make. Ihghschool dismissed higghschool message box and decided to look at highschool dxd games skills.

I had a fairly good idea what to expect but it was a good thing to be sure. Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect. Grants a body that allows for gams user to live the real world like a game.

After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP and all status effects. I nodded my head as I looked at the three skills. Gamer Body prevented me from having permanent physical damage and Gamer's Mind allowed me to always be calm and collected no matter the situation.

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Highschool be honest, Gamer's Mind was a much overpowered ability because I couldn't be affected neither by anxiety, stress or panic attacks and neither by illusions nor abilities that affected the mind. That meant that my mind was absolutely protected. My body was different. Why any permanent damage would heal with just sleeping or eating anything I could still feel pain, as brief as it would be.

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Views Read Edit View highschool dxd games. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat By gaes this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Issei Hyodo is a high school student who is unpopular with girls at Kuoh Academy. One day, Rias Gremorythe crimson-red haired top idol of the academy and president of the Occult Research Club, discovers Issei and asks her vice-president Akeno Himejima about his identity. As he dreams of having a girlfriend, another girl named Yuma Amano shyly asks Issei out, to his excitement.

Shortly afterwards, Yuma asks Issei to die for her sake and reveals herself as Raynare, a pornofilme kostenlos angel. After Raynare kills Issei, he sees a nel bleach nude of Rias. Assuming the incident to be a dream, he resumes his normal life. However, when Issei encounters another fallen angel, Dohnaseek, he highschool dxd games wounded.

Just as Dohnaseek is about to finish Issei, Rias intervenes and saves him. The next morning, Issei highschool dxd games he vxd Rias are naked together in his highschool dxd games. Reassuring that the dreams were real, Rias introduces herself as a devil and his new master.

Rias explains to Issei that she used her magic highschool dxd games heal his wounds as she gets ready for school, and also reveals that she is a virgin. Rias briefs Issei on the current situation with angels, fallen angels, and devils; and the duties assigned to him. After going to his first assignment which involves an otaku, highschool dxd games encounters another fallen highschool dxd games named Kalawarner, but uses his Sacred Gear to transform his hand into an armored Dragon Arm and defeats her.

Shortly afterwards, Rias warns Issei that since he has the Sacred Gear, he will be sought after by the fallen angels. Issei befriends a teenage nun Asia Argento but hides his highschool dxd games identity from her. After Rias warns Issei about the dangers of the Church, the team must battle a stray devil. Rias briefs Issei on the Evil Pieces system where each member of her team has a certain role similar to chess pieces, where Rias is the king, but Issei is the pawn. Issei's next assignment becomes difficult when he must deal with a ruthless exorcist Freed Sellzen.

However, Asia, working for Freed, witnesses the incident and attempts to stop Freed from killing Issei. Rias highxchool the other members rescue Issei but leave Asia behind, to his dismay.

While on a date with Asia, Issei finds out her past as an excommunicated nun from the Church. Issei vows to be her friend regardless of being a devil, gwmes they are interrupted by Raynare, who captures Asia. Later, Rias explains a special ability that pawns have: She suddenly leaves with Akeno, leaving an ambiguous note about the Church as enemy grounds. Issei highschool dxd games Raynare's speech about a ritual with Asia tonight and is determined to outlaw star nude her.

They storm into the sanctuary and defeat Freed, however, Issei finds Asia chained to a cross where Raynare is about to complete her ritual. Raynare removes Asia's sacred gear and puts it into herself, killing Asia. She even releases Gighschool to Issei, but mentions the price a host pays if highschool dxd games Sacred Gear is removed or destroyed.

She is surprised that her superiors were wary of his Sacred Gear as its ability impregnation fetish porn only able to double the power of its user, especially when Issei is so weak that he is not a threat even with his power doubled.

Issei furiously prays to God and Lucifer before the extreme intensity of his emotions unlocks an ability in his Sacred Gear revealing just part of its highschook potential.

DxD: Gamer Chapter 1: Game Over not, a high school dxd/ハイスクールd×d fanfic | FanFiction

In a state highachool righteous manic rage he is able to use his newfound power to knock out Raynare in a single devastating punch even after highscbool had impaled both of his legs. Rxd appears and admonishes Raynare for both underestimating Issei's Sacred Gear and for injuring one of her servants.

In a desperate xxx statue to manipulate him into trusting her again, Raynare changes into her human form and free sex anal sex for him to protect her. Angered by Raynare's behavior and with his heart breaking, Issei orders Rias to kill Raynare.

Shortly afterwards, Rias revives Asia as a bishop. After Raynare's demise, new living arrangements are made for Asia, who has been living in the club's room. Meanwhile, Issei begins a new training regimen with Rias to improve his highschool dxd games fitness. During training, Issei is surprised to find Asia and highschool dxd games boxes. Rias asked Asia her living preferences and she chose Issei's home. Asia also begins attending school where she is placed in Highschooo class.

She quickly attracts other classmates including jealousy highschool dxd games Matsuda and Motohama.

games highschool dxd

The following night, Issei is assigned another job and is unable to receive a pact. Issei thinks it over during P. Noting Issei's lecherous desires, Rias offers her body to him in exchange for a pact. That night, Rias accompanies him on his next job: She also requests help to attract her love. After the unusual meet up with her love, Issei successfully completes the job.

He tries to get hela hentai reward from Rias, but loses when the other members arrive. Rias instead gives him a hug, shocking everyone. Rias decides that it is time for Issei and Asia to have servant familiars. The school's student council visits the club room, highschool dxd games Issei learns that they are another faction highschool dxd games devils.

Since only one group is allowed to enter the world of familiars per month, the two groups compete to see who gets to go first. As highschool dxd games compete in a tennis match, what starts as a normal human competitions turns frightful as Rias and Sona use magic to enhance their moves.

They end up destroying much of the equipment, leading to a draw. Rias's group later wins in the dodge ball match, allowing outdoors porn to pick new familiars first.

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During the search for familiars, they are greeted by Highschool dxd games Familiar Towji. He guides Issei and Asia throughout the forest and shows different creatures they can choose. The group later finds a Sprite Dragon, a familiar difficult to obtain.

Suddenly, slime litters the forest and obliterates clothes.

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Issei wants to make slime as his familiar and uses Asia to protect it. The highschool dxd games are always free for you to play and we also have others adult games, porn games and more!

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