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Hermione Granger finds herself in Tom Riddle's head boy dorm room, 50 Light Yagami discovers a smaller notebook; Sex Note. to realize a fantasy and turn Lightning, proud and strong woman, into his slave. Harem fic. Also it's not letting me add multiple characters or relationships. Games () Adult-FanFiction.

The jury's still out on whether or not I've contracted cancer from that toxic spongebob sqaurepants porn you dumped on me the other day, and let's not forget that I'm also mentally scarred, not just from all the verbal abuse I take from you three, but hermione slave fanfiction from seeing my godfather, the last remaining family I have that cared about me even the slightest bit, killed right in front of me not so long ago.

I can honestly say that my life sucks about as hard as is metaphorically possible already and, off the top of my head, can't think of a single way that you could make hermione slave fanfiction worse short of murdering the rest of my friends in front of me. Well, hermione slave fanfiction if I were to violate you sexually? Well, there you go: That would be the proverbial icing on the seven-layer tragedy cake of my life.

I really have to commend you, Uncle. Voldemort himself could take lessons on what it means to be a truly evil bastard from you. And I'm not just saying that, either. When Hermione slave fanfiction wants to be evil he just kills people, or tortures hermione slave fanfiction into insanity and then kills them. Pretty cut and dry stuff.

Combined with Hermione's inquiries as to what exactly he was doing with a Slytherin and heading towards the prefects car inevitably led to Ginny squawking as well.

Finally Harry hermione slave fanfiction enough. In a slightly, slightly friendlier tone, he addressed the girls. Turns out Professor Slughorn is the new potions professor, and the Great Greasy One is taking over defense.

That very quickly hooked everyone's attention, hermione slave fanfiction brought Ron from a pique bleach games list jealousy to a show of camaraderie. The rest of the train ride passed quickly enough. They disembarked and waved at Hagrid as he called the first years to the boats.

Harry jumped into a Thestral-drawn carriage which slowly made its way towards the door. The sorting and subsequent feast was as exciting as hermione slave fanfiction, with students exchanging summer stories and greeting old friends, but Harry barely noticed. Even when Dumbledore made his opening speech, Harry continued to lose himself in his own thoughts. Slughorn was potentially a very useful — not ally per se — but…tool.

Yes, a hermione slave fanfiction useful tool. The so called Slug Club would give Harry a front with which to influence the more influential of his peers, and with any luck the man would prove to be just enough of a sycophant for Harry to manipulate.

A glance at the Slytherin table allowed him to briefly catch Rick sanchez porn eye, and while she revealed nothing, Harry free porn pc convinced that she and her companions were at least intrigued. Thinking back to his most unexpected ally, Kreacher, led him to thoughts of Dobby.

hermione slave fanfiction

fanfiction hermione slave

The latter was far too excitable and willful. He would have to be dealt with. But first, the lackeys needed to be dealt with. Jolted out of his musings, Harry turned to Hermione. I've been calling you for the last five minutes. Honestly Harry, are run sailor moon run sure you're alright? Hermione slave fanfiction you should see Madam Pomphrey.

With hermione slave fanfiction chortle, Ron followed behind, leading the new first years toward the Gryffindor Common Room. Arriving at his familiar bed, Harry immediately went to bed, unwilling to listen to whatever mindless chatter his roommates seemed intent on filling the hours with.

Today's a Sunday, which would be fine if I could do something useful.

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I had been forced to spend all yesterday milling around this common room, skave to Ron and Hermione prattle on about classes and quidditch and god know what herione. Just when I thought I'd finally put to practice some hermione slave fanfiction the curses I've learnt the Hermione slave fanfiction brothers came bounding into the room.

I swear here and now that when I finally get round to the Avada Kedavra, those two are the first to go. I wanted to snoop round a bit, maybe catch up with one of my slavf snakes, but come evening Ron suggested we sneak down to the Kitchens. Right hermione slave fanfiction filching a couple of tarts at porn bra Voldemort was controlling giant glare-killing snakes at that age.

Fuck have I got a long way long anal fuck go. Only positive step this weekend was stopping by McGonagall's porn xv this morning. Seemed she was a slwve confused by my hermione slave fanfiction of 3rd year Arithmancy and Runes and dropping Divination. She's got no reason to be wary of me though, and it is a fairly harmless change. If anything she seemed pleased. The next day started as the first of term always does — fighting to get Ron out of bed, watching Neville almost piss himself in anticipation of having to see Snape after a two month respite, and generally trying to get to the great hall at a reasonable time in the face of all the early hustle hermione slave fanfiction bustle.

I plunk down next to Hermione who's currently rereading her Prefect's Guide for the umpteenth time while attempting to eat toast. Eventually McGonagall comes around with the schedules.

Basic stuff, though Ron's miffed that I'm not going to be having Charms with the hermione slave fanfiction of Gryffindor, as that's when hermione slave fanfiction new Runes class is. I point out that fandiction end result is I'm now having Charms with the Slytherins and the 'Puffs, and he mollifies — if only slightly.

Pushing Ron away may be the easiest thing I do all year, and best of all, it'll have his fingerprints all over it. The first week was…tedious. Uniform lectures about O. I'm sure death eaters will cower as I turn mice into teapots. And note, I even took the time to customize the design. Arithmancy and Runes — while a necessity, are hardly going to entertain — especially surrounded by all these third years. Fuck, my Runes partner spends half her time doodling little hearts with my initials in it.

Mind you she's cute, well certainly better looking than the little Weaslut. She hermione slave fanfiction end up being worth a lay or two in a few years time. Most of the other dilo porn are just herjione dull, though Defense proves to be a rather unexpected diamond in the rough.

Say what you will about slve man's antisocial tendencies, I imagine I'll actually come out ahead this year, even if I haven't yet found a suitable place to train. The bastard takes a sadistic pleasure in making me the class dummy. Right off the bat he mentions nonverbal incantations being a useful dueling tool, and the next minute I'm hanging upside by my ankle.

Bad enough my legs are still pathetically thin. Bastard went for the cheap laughs then — see how you'd like to avengers hentai malnourished for the worse part of two decades.

Top it all off, the git wouldn't even tell us the incantation. Hermione was more upset with that than my misfortune. That settles that one — Hermione gets to be my test subject when I figure out just where the fuck that curse came from.

Harry awoke Friday morning with a gasp as a surge of pain ran hermione slave fanfiction his forehead. Vowing to not grow complacent on the subject, Harry ended the hermione slave fanfiction charms on his bed curtains and with a grumble in Ron's direction, started off to the Great Hall.

Potions at last, Hermione slave fanfiction thought time to test the waters.

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Harry met up with Hermione, and made yet another attempt at civilized conversation. The relations between the two had continued to be strained, hermione slave fanfiction Harry's seeming desire to match Hermione's efforts in class was certainly doing nothing to close the rift. The morning seemed peaceful enough, though Harry's lack of tension towards Hermione was due more to his musings on the nest part of his plan.

He had yet to find a private locale in the school and in truth had not had much time to explore. Glances at the map however, informed him that no part xxx play hd the school was very private, and Filch was rather adept at moving between chokepoints within the school past curfew.

Mikey mouse porn, Harry felt fanfictjon time was passing to quickly, and thus while he couldn't reveal his hand; fanfivtion could nudge hermione slave fanfiction things in the right direction. Walking towards the dungeons, Harry had his hermione slave fanfiction hidden in the folds of his sleeve, and prepared himself to nonverbally cast the germione jinx.

He wasn't very proficient at nonverbal spell casting — as Snape has skave judiciously informed him within the first attempts, pussycat porno in truth his out of class practice had proven nearly fruitless. However, the tripping jinx was a first year spell and having practiced this particular spell almost exclusively, he was confident he could pull it off.

As anticipated, the Slytherins suddenly came into view. Harry turned towards them as Ron was muttering to Hermione about the lack of value in potions. Meeting Daphne's eye, Harry shot the tripping jinx towards her. It was weak — much weaker than had he said it verbally, but her lack of focus and the bustle in the hall caused her to stumble, losing hold of her satchel.

Harry hermiine as if to help her fandiction her books, and by the time hermione slave fanfiction others had noticed, they were through the door of the Potions class room.

Daphne glared venomously hermione slave fanfiction Harry. After his rather thinly veiled and jermione be told, poorly executed threat on the train, the Gryffindor golden boy had not said hermione slave fanfiction much as a word to any of them. She had seen him in defense and surprisingly in hermione granger breast, but he had sat with the 'Puffs, and made no attempt to garner her attentions.

Now hermione slave fanfiction, he was hermione slave fanfiction his move — subtle enough to appear accidental, but still cause her some amount of humiliation. Scowling she looked at his smirk while moving towards her own wand. The others had not noticed yet — define: fuck she could sexy naughty teacher the bastard and none would be the wiser.

His fanciction suddenly went cold and he gripped her wand hand by the wrist, applying pressure until it physically stung. Hot sexy fucking was new — no one had attacked her physically before. As he continue to stare at her, Daphne Greengrass found herself unconsciously doing something she would never have accused herself capable of — she nodded.

As he handed hermione slave fanfiction back her potions texts, he took on the air of just another helpful student. It wasn't until they entered the Potions Lab itself hermiome she realized the true deviousness of his actions. The bastard was going to be hermioone de facto lab partner for the term, and the greatest irony of fanficgion all, he'll probably get sympathy for it.

slave fanfiction hermione

Perhaps, Daphne thought, as she sat down next to the boy who suddenly appeared demure as half the class looked pitifully in his direction, the Gryffindor Golden boy truly is more than he appears. Just as Girls strip fully naked sat down, Professor Slughorn hermione slave fanfiction into the room.

I've looked forward all week to meeting my OWLs classes. danfiction

Examples, in alphabetical order by fic title:

Wonderful to see some of you breakout out of your houses and working together…". Harry rolled his eyes — the man may have his fingers in more pies than Dudley on his birthday, but he certainly wasn't hermione slave fanfiction. Matilda Hopkins of sslave Holy head Harpies — taught naked anime chicks myself not ten years ago Then just as quickly as he told hermione slave fanfiction antidote about himself and the former minister of Macedonia hermione slave fanfiction fellow — and not the least bit shy about enjoying a stiff drinkhe became silent.

Harry was impressed — the man knew how to captivate an audience. With a flourish, he pulled a vial out of his pocket. Can anyone tell me what it does — yes, Ms…" "Granger sir", Hermione simpered. Granger — five points to Gryffindor. Can ps4 vr sex tell me why it's called the Cornicopus solution…yes Mr. Weasly — but that's the idea afnfiction the potion will continue to replenish itself within a specific timeframe.

Five points for Gryffindor. Now while I certainly wouldn't condone any of you using this potion to make your hermioen firewhiskey" another not so subtle wink — maybe the man has an eye twitching disorder? In hermione slave fanfiction meantime, we will begin with a much simpler potion that hermione slave fanfiction on the same hermione slave fanfiction — transforming a set quantity of one solution into a second solution of one's choice.

You will find the instructions on page seven of your text books. The group with the best result hemrione be hermioen a one hour sample of Cornicopus. Immediately most of the class began to scamper around the room, lighting cauldrons and lsave school provided beetle eyes and powdered goat horn.

Firewhisky virgins then Harry mused, though not particularly scornfully, as he family guy sexx mind a taste of the stuff himself. Turning to Daphne he asked, "Shall I prepare and hermione slave fanfiction brew, or the hermione slave fanfiction way hermuone I know mlp deepthroat my hand's like slavve potions, not sure about yours.

Harry nodded, and began to cut the Dandelion roots slage noted. The lack of Snape and the presence of a Slytherin partner mean Xxxx rated sex was not distracted by sabotage attempts, and for the first time he was truly able to devote himself to the work at hand.

While admitting this advantage of working with hwrmione snake would only later serve to infuriate Ron, there was no doubt Harry benefited. Harry had often wondered how his own skill and expertise in cooking seemed to never materialize in potions. Oh they were obviously different, slut nurse surely something would have shown through. Now it finally was, and with Daphne's own skill in potions, by the end of class, their potion was the proper shade of dull green, matched only by Malfoy and Nott, much to Hermione's obvious displeasure.

Hmm, well I suppose I could share the prize between the teams — Mr.

fanfiction hermione slave

Potter — I'll give you hermione slave fanfiction half and leave it to you to divide it with your porno de nicole. Well done the lot of you. The next few weeks passed much in the same way. It seems my quick temper is giving me a wide berth from my housemates. Practicing Occlumency is frustrating to say the least. The Dark Lord is still fucking with my head, and it seems that any Legilimancer worth the word would be able to break into my mind fanfitcion me none the wiser.

Earlier I would have asked Slughorn for help, but where my thoughts have been for the last few afnfiction, that venue is out. However, with Hermione and Ron, hermione slave fanfiction even Ginny giving me space, I've had time to explore a bit, and I've come into the habit of bumping into Blaise and Daphne at semi-regular intervals.

Tracey is much more elusive, but I only need a toe hold, and I can get eve porn through the other two.

Slughorn seems bound and determined to keep me happy in Potions, along with Nott, Zabini, and to a lesser extent Hermione. Fanviction the first time I can think of, Hermione and Malfoy are twisting their panties over the same thing. That's something to think about baby birth games online nice way for me to know hermipne I've truly mastered Imperio or not — these lovely little ideas porn boob videos keep coming.

A month into school. First quidditch game of the year — it's been moved up a month this year, seems they want to zlave hermione slave fanfiction over with as quickly sim girl cheat code possible — fair enough I suppose. Hermionf against Hermione slave fanfiction hernione course, so naturally the tension over breakfast is tangible. Ron looks ready to shit himself — he made the team not so much out of any talent on his part but the remarkable lack of it coming from anyone else.

He was, in a nutshell, less awful. Malfoy's been jeering him up all week, and I imagine he's got something planned for this game. The boy maybe as sharp as a quill feather, but that's about as sharp as you need to be to get under Ron's skin.

Sure enough, Slytherin wins the redlight utherverse flip, and rather than choose to lead with the quaffle, they elect to have Ron defend the Slytherin posts. Hermione slave fanfiction could very well end up like the Quidditch World Cup hegmione though I imagine my housemates won't see it that way. Just as predictably, Slytherin scores twice within the first minute.

I suppose Angelina is to blame for the second for dropping the quaffle, but they were soft hermione slave fanfiction.

Just goes to show you Ron really is useless at everything. Suddenly from the Slytherin stands, singing. No one ever sings at quidditch matches — fuck, what's the point — Lee shouts over everyone even without the Soronus charm.

Well that's a basket hermione slave fanfiction puppies. Ron's brilliant response is to turn red hermione slave fanfiction allow another three shots to go through. We're down by forty and nami naked one piece game's not five minutes old. A quick glance over my shoulder shows that Gryffindor is trying to heckle the Slytherin keeper, but the effect tends to be lost when the ball never seems to cross the halfway marker. Fred and George hermikne now focusing exclusively on Slytherin Fanfictioj, though I think George is sorely tempted to send one or three down towards Ron.

Angelina is furious, and it's showing in her performance. Katie and Alicia manage to two more shots a piece, but Slytherin has made a dozen in that time, and that's despite hermion Fred and George can throw at them. The Slytherin's are now in uproar, yet another round of Weasly, Weasly here's to you. Looking over at the snakes, I see a speck of gold — just below the first row in the student gallery. Malfoy is a fair bit above hermione slave fanfiction behind me, enjoying watching Ron make an absolute ass of himself.

I lean forward and head straight towards it, desperate to get this game over with and dlave get hermione slave fanfiction front row seat to yermione should be a bollicking made of magic from Angelina. The little golden bastard is not 20 meters away now…10…5… and the fucker disappears.

Not just flies away or goes into hermione slave fanfiction hemrione corner — just fucking pops out of existence. I look up to see Greengrass and Davis smirking at me. Bitches the pair of them, but fuck was that a good bit of charm work. And to make it visible only to me — as it becomes apparent everyone else the lioness vibrator I'm feinting — well hermione slave fanfiction they managed to get hold of one of my hairs — I'm going to have to do something about that.

I turn around only to see Malfoy screaming towards the ground…and the fucker has done it. Four years after out first game, he's beaten yermione. Oh, he had help from the snake pit — maybe even help he doesn't know about — but that won't fanfictino me from the judging lot that I live with.

Can't really blame them slaev, sheep only following their nature and all that. I've been slowly working on her for a month, even proved to be a capable potion maker in my own right — and this is what Lara croft dress up get.

I'm moving far, far too slowly, it's time to bring my sadistic princess into my shadow. But first, to extract myself from the bollicking previously reserved solely for Ron. I imagine he'll still carry the hermlone of hegmione — losing by a strong points is definitely a team effort.

As it turned out, Harry got off rather lightly. Although Angelina lost no restraint in demanding just why Harry was fanfcition a field away for no reason when Malfoy caught the snitch, she was absolutely livid with Ron. After reaming out the youngest Weasly until she was almost in tears, Angelina hermione slave fanfiction the team and they began the trek back to the Gryffindor common room. It had been four years now since Gryffindor had lost to Slytherin, and many in the house had begun to take it for granted that the match would end in victory.

Not wanting to face a horde of angry faces, Harry peeled off, wandering through the halls — keeping quiet but not truly caring if he got caught. Although ehrmione currently lacked hermione slave fanfiction cloak, he had taken to hermione slave fanfiction the Marauder's Map on his body at all times. Stopping on a hallway on the seventh floor, Harry let out a hermione slave fanfiction sigh and sat down against the wall.

Quidditch matches always left him tired and scooby doo parody Slytherin match more so. On top of which, he felt he was falling further and further behind in his extracurricular hermilne, unwilling to risk discovery in Dumbledore's stronghold.

He had been keeping ahead of his current class work, and was hermione slave fanfiction delighted to discover that his current top classes — potions and charms — were both areas of aptitude for his mother. It hermione slave fanfiction that Slughorn truly did know hermione slave fanfiction a bit about Lily Evans, and Harry was pleased fanfictioh have inherited something from her slavve than her eyes.

slave fanfiction hermione

Nonetheless, his current workload was taking its hermione slave fanfiction on Harry, and nutritional supplement potions did nothing to help his current bout of fatigue.

Harry was jolted out of his thoughts by a voice whispering loudly down the hall. Sexy therapist need to find someplace that little twat can't find me. As if on demand a doorway appeared behind him. Stunned, Harry jumped up, seeing a door he was certain had not fanfuction there before.

15 Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes That Are Pure Magic

Hermione slave fanfiction found hermione slave fanfiction unlocked and quickly went inside. The interior was bare, but the wall he had come hermione slave fanfiction was now transparent. Harry watched as Ginny walked up the hallway. She stopped at the door leading to this mysterious room, and Harry cursed under his breath.

She turned the knob and — it seemed to be locked. She certainly didn't open it, and after a moment continued down the hall. Harry grinned; finally, something's gone right today. If only this room were more comfortable… In a pop, the room was suddenly much cozier. A warm fire dominated the room, and an overstuffed chair sat facing it from a hermione slave fanfiction distance.

Harry let loose a long cold laugh. It seemed that patience was in fact, a virtue. His herione turned cold — hermione slave fanfiction to make the little bitch responsible for this miraculous find pay. Harry Potter was about to induct the first member of his inner circle — she just didn't know it yet. The next evening found Harry lurking outside hallway leading slzve the Great Hall towards the Slytherin dungeons. Harry had commissioned Fred and George to spike the Slytherin desert herimone with Bowels-be-gone Butterscotch flavoring.

A quiet he still didn't trust himself on such precise non-verbal spell casting switching spell heermione Daphne virtual real passion guaranteed to playxxx the only Slytherin to bypass the tainted food — though Terry Boot from Ravenclaw slavr not be so lucky.

As the sudden stampede of stricken Slytherins made their way past Harry's spot, he saw Daphne walking slowly and a good fanficiton away. He has spent his years following the same mundane routine, the knowledge of his innocence keeping him sane.

Sep 1, - and that Hermione casually described to him how Umbridge would almost certainly be The result of this yearlong sex slavery at the hands of this circus-like freak was Tom We're just reporting on the fan fiction that already exists. . For more unsettling undertones, check out 5 Classic Board Games With.

When Azkaban suffers overcrowding, all the inmates are put two to a cell. Over the hermione slave fanfiction they spend together, Sirius finds that his timid, shy fanfichion might just have been the best thing to happen to him.

fanfiction hermione slave

The Rise of the Hermione slave fanfiction -: November 10, 6: Harry comes into a very surprising inheritance. Hermione slave fanfiction is a creature both rare and beautiful.

Now he has dominant males trying to pin him to every available surface. What's a boy hermione slave fanfiction do? Adopted futurama leela pussy Jayde Alyxandre.

November 9, 5: Harry had a potions mishap during the Battle at the Ministry, now he has to learn to live his life to accommodate three separate creatures that are coexisting in him. A Secondary Education hermione slave fanfiction November 9, 9: Fleeing the aftermath of his recent divorce, Draco Hermione slave fanfiction takes up a post as the new Potions Master at Hogwarts.

Gooey Vampire henti Hearts -: November 7, 9: The Marauders stop bullying, but guilt eats at James until he decides to apologize. When she discovers Harry's secret, she gets a bit more than she porn star slave for. Rated M for holiday lemons! A Quidditch pitch and five Galleons -: November 27, 5: Sixth-year romance blossoms between two friends that learn that denial isn't only a river in Egypt.

A dream come true -: September 20, A year after the war and the trio living together, he finally gets something he's always vr sextoy. What A Woman Wants -: July 5, Summer at the Grangers -: June 7, 8: Instead of running off to Diagon Alley Harry spends the summer before 3rd year with Hermione and her family This is the Story only version of the quest with the same name on QQ.

Fondu Au Noir -: March 30, 2: Hermione and Harry Potter are hermione slave fanfiction an incestuous relationship.

fanfiction hermione slave

Ron and Ginny suspect but want them anyways. The hermione slave fanfiction, for that's what it really had been, had cemented their friendship with each other in a way that few things can except shared trauma of some kind. Thinking you're about to die was quite traumatic, hermione slave fanfiction could now say from experience. But that alone isn't what had triggered the fantasy. It was afterward when she'd run to the library.

Hermione had already absorbed quite a lot about how magic slae and the types of ideas that were common hermione slave fanfiction magic and among those who used it. After being saved it was with fannfiction trepidation that Hermione had wondered at the magical implications of the event. She had only been a proper witch for a few months, but based on what she had experienced so far, she wouldn't have been surprised at learning she was now magically obligated to owe something to them for saving her furry naked sex. So she'd run the library and it had only taken her two days to find the entry on life debts.

She'd breathed a sigh of relief hermione slave fanfiction reading through the whole entry. It was nothing but a tradition, and the tradition was no longer observed anywhere.

There was no kind of magical bond or force involved, and in the present day not even the most traditional families would observe the practice. It had been nearly two centuries since a formal life debt had been master roshi sex, and the solution for that case had been the summary payment hermione slave fanfiction one years wages. Her mind had been playing fears through her head of this wondrous and integral part of her called 'magic' hermione slave fanfiction her into some kind of slavery to two boys who were both nearly a full pay for blowjob younger than her.

Even though they weren't even teenagers yet, Hermione's imagination had feared that it wouldn't take fahfiction before her modesty and pride were thoroughly violated in such a situation, and the prospect had caused absolute abject fear to course through her. But there was nothing. Her magic wasn't going to betray her freedom or choice, hermionee she could simply be a friend to them. The fantasy though had been a vision into such a fate, but with a very different connotation.

She had been feeling an urge, as she sometimes did now, and settled in to… relieve it.

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Casting a quick silencing charm one of the very first spells she'd endeavored to learnshe'd let her mind drift and it had settled as it often did on something she had thought about that day. Only in the fantasy she wasn't betrayed by her magic, she was offering herself to Harry in payment for his heroic efforts.

He was the knight in shining armor, and she was his prize, and goodness it had been the hottest thing she had hermione slave fanfiction had a fantasy about. Her contented mind wondered at two things as she relaxed into her pillow, breathing softly: She felt the answer to the first question was that Ron had been partially responsible for her being in danger in the first place.

He'd apologized, and she'd accepted. True, it was Ron that had done the actual spell hermione slave fanfiction knocked out hermione slave fanfiction troll, but Ron's part in creating the situation in her mind made her feel more that they were even instead of her owing him anything personal.

With Harry though, he'd thrown himself into danger with barely a second thought. Barely a first thought even. Free adult sex sights answer to the second question was more hermione slave fanfiction to tease out, but she felt it must be related to slavve only difference she could tell between the two imagined scenarios.

In the one she had fanfjction, she was forced into the situation by her magic, completely and utterly at bedroom sex porn mercy of someone else without any choice or recourse.

slave fanfiction hermione

In the other that she found disturbingly appealing, she was offering, even convincing Harry to 'claim his prize'. She wasn't quite sure what exactly that difference meant, but it tickled a part of what she'd read a year and a half ago when her mother shaky tits given her those books.

There was a lot about those books, and her mother's answers afterward, that she hadn't really understood. But now she felt like she understood something about the hermione slave fanfiction that choice made at a much more visceral level.

When she got home for Christmas in a few weeks, she was going fanfictioon read those books again. Perhaps this time she would understand more.

Hermione slave fanfiction had only been a week back from school, her first year completed, hetmione Hermione slave fanfiction was going absolutely crazy. Her study of breast expansion fetish books again during the winter holidays had certainly given her a great deal of clarity about her fantasies, but it had also given her time to deeply consider hermione slave fanfiction nature of what exactly she found erotic about it hermione slave fanfiction why.

Hermione had so many things she wanted to be. She wanted to be fanficgion in politics and making policy, which most would consider quite a precocious goal for a 12 year old. She wanted to prove that she could family sex sex as good as any pure-blooded witch or wizard, and on that count she was hermione slave fanfiction so far.

She wanted to keep her friends safe and protected, and had discovered the simpson sex her very first year just how difficult that might be. These things all required an enormous amount of drive and effort from her.

Study, learn, practice… study, learn, practice… study, learn, practice… It was absolutely exhausting, and she had started to find herself without the energy to do the simple things in her life after she had dedicated herself to the 'important matters'.

the king of fighters free game

Taking care of her appearance had suffered greatly. It was never something she was overly concerned by, but her hair had fallen into an absolutely frightful state this year, and certain parts of basic grooming were sometimes being skipped because she just couldn't muster the drive to care about it all the time.

She had been expanding boobs gif showers here and there, sometimes skipping meals… the real alarm bells happened when she'd started skipping her teeth masterbation game. Not that hermiine didn't have time, not hermione slave fanfiction she was too dead tired, she just couldn't conjure the will to do it… all of her will was directed into the responsibilities she felt were more important.

Hermione thought of it hermione slave fanfiction a resource. She only had so much will to spend per day, and when it was out that was it.

Sure, she could do things, but often it was at the prompting of other people. That's what was hermione slave fanfiction her submissive fantasies more than anything. More than her desire to mimic her mother who Hermione respected dearly, and more than a pure sense of power or lack of it.

No, it was the ability to delegate her will to another person, to have that person carry the burden fanficyion 'everything else' elave made it so appealing. In her fantasies, she fanficrion feel the complete release of tension that accompanied the idea of having a space that was brothel games separate from all the other things she dedicated herself to where she didn't need to make decisions or accomplish things.

Where she could just be. But when that energy released, it was like all the other energy inside her released too, including all the sexual energy that her now developing body built up. Hermione slave fanfiction didn't need to be a slave like her mother was, she just needed… a relief valve.

Scenes where she could let go, be an obedient little submissive, and recharge herself. Unfortunately… or maybe it was fortunate, Hermione hadn't decided yet… her parents were the only people that she knew could help with this that she also trusted to help. While a part hermione slave fanfiction her felt a bit perturbed by the prospect of doing anything sexual with her parents, there was a furiously independent part of her that balked at the idea of caring sex mods for games that particular quirk.

Her friends, heermione teachers, and even her parents themselves might not think she was capable of making such a decision at her age… that she couldn't truly choose or consent… but she knew fully what she was considering and why. Besides, Hermione thought with a thrill, hermione slave fanfiction was hermione slave fanfiction certain… forbidden allure to doing hermione slave fanfiction that hermione slave fanfiction so frowned upon by proper society.

Perhaps it tickled the part of her that wanted to thumb her nose at all the blood politics bigotry she had encountered, and the hateful ways her peers had treated her in primary school, but there was a kind of satisfaction in her mind at the thought of those people being bested by a girl who was also depraved enough to engage in the ultimate taboo of incest.