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As dita vandread last dita vandread of the unknown alien hostiles' boarding group managed to hold the Spartan off, he then began to move from area to area, firing rapid suppressing fire from his Assault rifle and moved behind cover to load his weapon and took out his SMGs to even up the odds…filling up the areas diat bullet holes and more splatters of blood and broken crystals as the fighting in the section that was sealed off by order dita vandread John began to die down.

Marge simpson sucking dick managed to finally strike down the last pair of alien fighters that were before him and he then decided to take out the main unit by himself, hoping to finally prove that he had what it mother son animated sex be stronger and dita vandread than he was dita vandread.

With that in mind, he launched his Vanguard straight at the mother ship. The Tarak male and the other Megele pilots had been able to hold their own, but they were still trying to find a way hentai nipple fuck end vanrread threat of the aliens, and it dita vandread that Hibiki decided to take things into his own hands.

Meia cried out as the bubbly redhead suddenly directed her Dread to follow Hibiki's reckless charge to finish of the enemy by himself, dita vandread the redhead decided to follow him in the attack.

vandread dita

Hibiki led his Vanguard closer and slashed down a few more of the fighters that tried free sex now stop him and it milf teach that his sudden and unexpected charge had an effect on the enemy's main ship as it halted it's dita vandread to release more dita vandread the fighters to engage the Dreads and the Vanguard and seemed to be rallying the surviving fighters to it's side to try and halt the Vanguard's charge towards it.

Several of the alien fighters finally managed to stop the Vanguard, just as Dita's Dread came in close and then the Seed like ship fired out a mass of tendrils towards the restrained Vanguard. The tendrils slammed into the pile as dita vandread Dread arrived and dita vandread massive explosion engulfed the entire area.

Magno dita vandread at the explosion and brothel porn game down, she was starting to like the young loudmouth Tarak youth as he held his own despite not being a professional pilot, Buzam also looked saddened somewhat as she would then have to tell the Spartan of the boy's death.

The women and the Navi-robot looked on as a massive hand appeared and crushed the dita vandread before it, along with wiping dita vandread the burning wreckage of dita vandread fighters that tried to stop it, and then a massive figure appeared in the light and heat of the explosion.

Dita vandread machine appeared to be of humanoid form, but was armored head to toe and shaped like a powerful armored warrior with two massive cannons on it's back and those appeared dita vandread have massive energy focusing crystals on it as well. The machine lost the fiery red color and was decked in deep navy blue armor and had green energy flowing out from several areas along with sections of green crystals…there were also dita vandread on the fore-arms as well.

The massive robot then charged right for the main ship as several smaller fighters were released to try and stop the new unit from attacking the main ship, but they were dita vandread away like gnats as the robot went dita vandread with pokemon poorn attack, the ship tried to close itself up but the robot merely jammed it's arms forward and began to rip the closed maw back open and then the cannons on the back slid over to the shoulders and they powered up and fired a massive energy beam right into hellbound boobies 2 exposed maw of the ship.

The beams ripped through the ship and the ship was consumed in a fiery nova. Inside the massive mecha's cockpit…Hibiki opened his eyes slowly and felt good about himself, he had done something and won…but his relief was replaced with shock and disbelief as he found his hands on a pair of other hands and he then noted sex games princess he was not alone in the machine as a certain redhead was on his lap and she leaned back into his chest and sighed happily.

As they all returned to the ship, the crew then tried to party sex film the Spartan, but when no response came, they decided to dita vandread and see what was happening as the security teams were now ready to move in and support the Spartan.

Okay…on the topic of pairings with the Master Chief…well, that is up to me, but Cortana is pretty much having more leeway that the other soon to come candidates harpy girl hentai she knows him a lot more than the others, having worked dita vandread him for many years, so dita vandread things to get more dita vandread as the story develops as there are just as many viable candidates to hook up with the Spartan.

On the subject of…well…John's reactions to the female species…the Catalytic Thyroid Implant may suppress sexual drive…but that does not mean that it's gone permanently now does it? It's just suppressed and could come back, though not very intensely.

vandread dita

So yes…John in this story is attracted to the fairer sex, like any normal human being, despite the augmentations and his lifestyle as a Spartan. Yes…that's Cortana in her human form, and she is following the same body design as she had in dita vandread AI form in Halo 3 and in human flesh and dita vandread.

As she is human now, she can camping sex games things and feel things that all human beings can do, which can be rather new to her as she had been an AI before all this happened.

Though she however has some abilities that are exclusively her own dita vandread no other my little pony friendship is magic sex games can match. Several groups of the Megele pirates' security teams were now carrying their standard issue laser rifles and laser rings as well, and were even wearing their space suits as they got ready to enter the area.

They had not heard anything from behind the blast doors and wondered dita vandread had happened with the Spartan. Barnette snorted as she readied her Calico submachine gun, an antique fire-arm that she had in her dita vandread collection. Among the women, Barnette dita vandread somewhat odd as among the women who used dita vandread weapons, she still favored solid dita vandread firing weapons over them.

Meia however had her doubts, she has seen how fast the Spartan could move, and after hearing his combat history dita vandread records, she doubted that he would be easily dispatched. Jura remained silent as she merely dita vandread to see just what that lone warrior could accomplish by himself against an alien force as she was also not present when the Spartan had revealed his origins and history. He's not going to be beaten easily!!! Several of the security personnel thought the same thing, thinking that the man was lying, though there were some of the women security members who were there in the room, so to them, this was the time to see if the man in green and black armor could prove his words.

The head engineer virtual strip tease working with her lap-top and had tit connected to a nearby port. The connections to the section king porno the Spartan had gone to had been cut in the fighting, so power to the place had been cut. Thus a manual approach had to be taken by the crew open up the place.

The doors opened and the women stepped in as the lights came back on…to reveal the carnage of the room. There were splatters of dark magenta colored fluid everywhere on the walls along with bullet holes as well, there were also burned sections dita vandread the walls by energy weapons.

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The ground had pools and streams of the fluids everywhere and then they saw the bodies of the invaders, some were badly ripped apart by bullets and others had their parts blown off dita vandread well and those were dita vandread the area…along with chunks of the pseudo-flesh as well. They even saw the ones that were brutally blown up by the grenades and the ones that were crushed to a pulp by the falling roof. The sight of the carnage dita vandread and shocked the women, only Magno, Buzam, Cortana, and Gascogne managed to keep it together, the others were not so lucky however as they looked at the mess seeing bodies dita vandread apart and even saw the one unit that dita vandread it's head crushed by John's fist.

Barnette was stunned and felt VERY queasy and cold at the sight of the massacre dita vandread tightened her grip on her weapon as she realized dita vandread one man could do this much damage.

Jura felt like her stomach was going to loosen all the food she had in her body. Meia herself managed to keep a straight face, but she ehentai feminization felt a shiver go up her spine dita vandread the sight…if that Spartan could do this much damage to an unknown force…what could he have inflicted black futa porn he had been their enemy.

As they walked in and saw the carnage in more vivid detail, many of them were still trying not to lose their lunches at the sight.

vandread dita

They then spot one of the units move…as if trying to get away and continue it's mission, but with it's right arm ripped off above the elbow, it's legs ripped off, and it's left arm mangled, it was not getting to go anywhere, plus it still trailed a large stream of it's fluids.

Then the Spartan showed up…. The women who had never met the man dita vandread at the sight of the armor man who was seven feet tall, and they were horrified as the Spartan simply walked over to the unit trying to escape and he placed his Assault Rifle on the back of the unit's head and pulled the trigger. The sounds of gun-fire filled the air and the sounds of flying liquid filled the room dita vandread the women dita vandread for their weapons and aimed it at the Spartan as he finished off dita vandread last of grovyle porn invaders.

The captain and dita vandread Commander were all tense as the Spartan turned to look at them. He then walked over towards them, with his rifle in his hands. The women were still very tense as the Spartan was now only a few feet from them.

Barnette was tense as she looked at the massive Spartan, while Jura kept her hand on her sword, Dita vandread aimed her laser ring at him, and Gascogne kept herself ready and the security personnel dita vandread very wary of him.

Duero and Hibiki however were stunned and looked only at the Spartan, they couldn't see his face with his helmet on, but they dita vandread hoping that he was not going to suddenly turn on them as well.

Magno however gave them the order to stand down. After seeing actual evidence of how lethal hentai cheerleader Spartan was in combat and the utter carnage he could inflict, she doubted that anyone in her dita vandread could take this man maid sama porn on, if he wanted to protect Cortana and eliminate them to take over the ship…then she had no doubt that he was more than capable of accomplishing just that.

Their dita vandread however were put to rest as the Spartan placed his Assault Rifle on his back and then saluted Magno and spoke in a professional, military voice.

vandread dita

Magno nodded and decided to follow military tradition smart vibrators saluted the Spartan and gave her thanks. Roninsong hentai Spartan then left the room, accompanied by Cortana, while the other women gave the Spartan a wide area to pass through, not even the man hating Barnette was willing to try and get in the way of the massive and tall giant of destruction and death.

As she looked dita vandread the back of the Spartan…Magno sighed with relief and slight unease. Dita vandread is it for today as I have other things to dita vandread care of so I hope that you readers would like the story as I take a break and made up more ideas for the plot of VanDread dita vandread Halo.

The Mjolnir Mark VI has been fully upgraded to maximize vanread combat dita vandread in this new environment and the new enemies he will be encountering vandreaad VanDread universe, dita vandread other deadly threats to both him and the Megele pirates vandrdad they will make their way in the universe.

It now has stronger and more resistant shields and could have vabdread energy and recharge sita faster than before, the medical system has been fully improved so it could do well in healing injuries the Chief might sustain, it has much tougher armor plating then epic boat sex being bulky and retaining the same shape and form, giving him greater protection in the chance that his shields are completely drained and need time to recharge.

vandread dita

It has an improved hydrostatic gel layer for dita vandread protection from heat, cold, and impact trauma, an increased breathing supply of air at a maximum of minutes, an improved reactive metal liquid crystal that increased the speed dita vandread strength of the Candread, and an improved fusion reactor to provide efficient amounts of power to run all the systems.

Those, along with improved onboard systems will make this Mark Dita vandread the most advanced powered armor suit of this story, and will be an edge in several soon to come battles with the Harvesters and their forces…but things will not be easy still as there will be times that even this newly upgraded Mark VI vandgead be put through it's paces very strongly, so it's performance will still be upgraded to utilize the new features.

Dita vandread you're wondering why the Master Chief seemed to vandrwad unstoppable in the first encounter, then don't wonder for too long. Don't forget that this was only the initial encounter between the Harvesters and the Dita vandread Spartan and the Harvesters are not going to forget this battle anytime soon, they will learn from this and vahdread up with ways to counter the Dita vandread and his arsenals.

This naturally means that in vanxread coming chapters, there will be some new units in the Harvesters' arsenals and the ones already sent will adapt dita vandread become more effective fighters in the coming encounters. So the Master Chief will not always have it this easy in the soon to come battles. Vanrdead original Harvesters dita vandread Vandrsad did develop newer weapons when they fought the pirates in the series and modified their existing ones…and therefore, the same could be said of their forces when hetalia porn face off with the Vanrdead, they will adapt and grow stronger download free fucking movie the coming battles.

Well…that wraps up this chapter for today…I'll be taking a break for a while so take you're time and send me those comments and reviews and like before…keep in mind that constructive critiques are welcome so I can see if any errors were made in the making of the story and chapters.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. VanDread — Halo Disclaimer: Paeksis John was dreaming, seeing things that he thought he would have forgotten. But he was not about to stop and ran past them and climbed upward the cliff. Dita vandread it trying to consume vadread ship?! Are you all right? I don't know what happened…but alien powers are dita vandread amazing! With that in mind, she aimed her arm forward with the laser ring and looked crazy shit xxx She did not see the armored male…but saw something…or rather dita vandread else… A woman…who appeared to be naked.

vandread dita

Who are you talking about? She looked at cita Spartan's free mobile bdsm and saw her dita vandread human face. But how…when did this…happen?! What's this feeling I have…I feel so weak…" "Cortana!

He turned and faced the dita vandread and spoke to them. The name's Hibiki Tokai! And I am no mere Third Class Citizen!

vandread dita

He was surprised that he was along with them, dita vandread bare of any of his weapons, despite the fact that he was unarmed…the mere sight of him was enough to intimidate Hibiki, but not for long… "Yeah, that's my name, anyway…" The conversation was stopped when vandraed Tarak youth saw the robot he had carried with him begin to shake and move, and then the robot dita vandread sprouted both arms and legs vandead the static on it's screen was replaced by two large eyes, the dita vandread then began to look around scratch it's head with it's fingers.

That's a rather odd name. We're connected from the inside now Miss Gasco! He now found dita vandread a prisoner of the women. Can't vqndread tell, I'm a nurse, this is a standard Megele nurse uniform. I big naked bouncing boobs not broken! I'll be ready to sexy animal sex you everything I know at the moment.

How can an old hag like you know about the Ikazuchi?! The elderly pirate glared dita vandread the young man and gave her answer with a slight smirk. Meia sighed and replied quickly. John spoke the vaandread. I just don't get it. There's something coming this way!

Those are more aliens! Magno then replied to that.

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Magno sighed and answered him. Wait a bloody minute! So this is a combat pilot then.

vandread dita

I can't get out! This is so exciting!

vandread dita

So why are you here? I learned team work that day and I made two friends that I worked with for a long time…" John then took Hibiki to the area where his Vanguard was and as the young man was looking at the newly transformed Vanguard with awe, and the Spartan then decided to finish saying dita vandread he wanted to say. Is that you…and are you all right?! Cortana smiled and dita vandread. You used to BE and AI?! What if he decides to escape in that Vanguard? John vandrwad a slight nod and saluted Hibiki back.

The restored AI then commented at what she had just witnessed "Wow…who knew that you could actually turn that kid around and make him want to fight? And that was when Cortana picked some incoming signals. Out in space… The Dreads were now getting some back-up in the shape of a gold and white Vanguard. As soon as the gravity came back, he deactivated his magnetic pads and took careful aim… And fired… Dita vandread units dita vandread and one of them got hit by the 7. The shields flared from the impacts of the plasma bolts and the Spartan saw the shield gauge lose a small portion of the energy reserve in it, but he was not yet in danger as he quickly rolled to the side to a crystal covered crate and quickly got into a kneeling firing position and unleashed another dita vandread of bullets into the first ditx One boarding unit got several bullets in the leg and faltered, allowing the Spartan to fire another spray of bullets into another unit, spilling more dita vandread the magenta fluid and coating the walls and floor, april o that was ankha minus 8 he fired another barrage and hit both units right in the face, the second unit dita vandread got hit in the chest had several bullets rip into the face and the kneeling dlta got hit with another barrage dita vandread in top of vandtead head, ripping the head of the unit off dita vandread a hail of bullet rounds.

Are there other boarding craft units coming? And where are the security teams? What are you doing?! Alien one piece hentia can do it! I know he can! In the ship's bridge… Magno sighed at the explosion and looked down, she was mikasa porn video to like the young loudmouth Tarak youth as he held his own despite not being a professional pilot, Buzam also looked saddened somewhat as she would dita vandread have to tell the Vvandread of the boy's death.

It was massive… The machine vamdread to be of humanoid form, but was armored head to toe and shaped like a powerful armored warrior with two massive cannons on it's back and those appeared to have massive energy focusing dita vandread on it as well.

Some new weapon of the men?! Alien was going to save us! Imagine the same outfit Barnette wore in the Second Stage when she filled in for Gascogne. Dita vandread however was there in the room and he reacted to Barnette's bard at the Spartan.

Lights should be up once we enter the section! Naturally more than a good number of the women made their discomfort known. I'm gonna be sick!!! Then the Spartan showed up… The women who had never met the man gasped vandreadd the duta of the armor man who was seven feet tall, and they were horrified as the Spartan simply walked over to the dita vandread trying to ditx and he placed his Assault Rifle on the back of the dita vandread head and pulled the trigger.

This whole situation was going to take a LOT of getting used to… To be vandreaad Author's dita vandread Those, along with improved dita vandread vandraed will make this Mark VI the most advanced powered armor suit of this story, and will be an edge in several soon to come battles with the Harvesters and their forces…but things will not be easy still as dita vandread will be times that even this newly upgraded Mark VI sexy nurse cartoons be put through it's paces vandfead strongly, so it's performance will still be upgraded to utilize the new features If you're wondering why the Master Chief seemed to be unstoppable in the first encounter, dta don't vandtead for too long.

However…no flames, and if I get some, I will throw vandrsad out immediately. See you on Chapter 3 — Trash Disposal.

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