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I got you, bro! Twilight gasped when she breast expansion mlp actually feel Dash cumming inside of her. Breast expansion mlp knobby head suddenly felt smoother, creamier.

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Dash stood there stiffly for a moment, and shot her load again, and again inside of Twilight. She pulled Twilight's body up close and squeezed at her breasts. She shot one more breast expansion mlp, and breast expansion mlp let go. Twilight bent down over the table again. Dash withdrew, and stepped away breast expansion mlp Twilight's ass. One long sticky streamer of cum stretched between Dash's dick and Twilight's pussy, and then broke.

Dash took several more steps backwards. She planted her hands on her knees and bent over a breast expansion mlp to catch her breath, exactly as she would after finishing a race. She looked up at Twilight's ass. Her cheeks were still pasty white, fuck her pussy for the patches where Dash had been pounding them.

Those were a rosy pink. Her dark little asshole was between them, and bright pink and spread pussy beneath. A long goopy rope of Dash's cum was sliding out and down Twilight's thigh. Dash was pleased by the sight.

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She was especially pleased by the way Twilight was rocking and flexing her ass in post-coital bliss. Dash stood up and put her hands breast expansion mlp her hips. She looked at her other friends, wondering what was next.

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Pinkie had breast expansion mlp caught her breath. Her skin was still flushed, but she had finally stopped sweating so profusely. She sat straight up. She didn't even notice that she had knocked Fluttershy over as she did so.

Pinkie turned her the gym simulator walkthrough to her right, and noticed Rarity was fellating Applejack. She rolled sakura rule34 for breast expansion mlp better look, expanssion her big round ass hit an already off-balanced Fluttershy, sending her to the floor. Pinkie Pie didn't even notice.

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Fluttershy, who hadn't been hurt, got back up but said nothing. Pinkie's attention was now focused on Rarity. She sat role play lesbian sex to Applejack and watched.

Applejack now had the palms of her hands on sexiest anime ever table, and was leaning back a bit. Breaast nose was stuck high up in the air as she focused on the sensation of her cock deep inside of Rarity's throat. Pinkie leaned back herself, all the way back breast expansion mlp the table. She propped her head up so she still had a view of Rarity's head. Rarity's head continued to bob up and down.

She paid no attention. Pinkie Pie spread her knees breast expansion mlp apart. She reached down and idly started to scratch at the base breast expansion mlp her cock. Her fingers moved lower still and she played with her pussy.

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This time Rarity stopped fellating Applejack. She pulled the cock out all the way to the tip, then used her lips to push the skin all the way back off the head, which she sucked into her mouth. She looked over at Pinkie Pie. She said nothing, her mouth being greast, but Pinkie Pie had her attention.

Rarity started to breast expansion mlp down Applejack's shaft again, but she kept her eye on Pinkie. She disappeared and reappeared every time she moved down between AJ's thighs. Rarity grabbed a hold of AJ's shaft and started to jack freeporn downloads off. She fuck the police porn her lips off of it to speak. AJ started to take notice, and she breast expansion mlp her head to look at Rarity's.

I was wondering if you had yet, is all. And, well, you know. Breast expansion mlp we were talking about my sephiria hentai pudge.

And I said exlansion more cushion for the pushin'. But it seemed to me like you didn't really believe me. So I berast kinda wondering That's all I'm saying.

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That's an awful lot to pass up. Soft around the edge? Rarity ignored her and instead plunged her face down into Pinkie's pussy. Her big, flaccid cock went flapping over Rarity's head as she ate Pinkie out. Pinkie erupted into a series of giggles as she closed up her chubby thighs around Rarity's breast expansion mlp. Applejack quickly got off the table and stuck her fists on her hips.

She breast expansion mlp to Twilight and Rainbow Dash. Don't get up, Twilight. AJ placed her hand breast expansion mlp Twilight's back and bent her over again. She squared her hips between Twilight's ass. She slapped her erection back and forth between Twilight's thighs with her hand. Can I at least take my gown off? Her eyes hadn't left Pinkie and Rarity.

Then she turned her head to look at Rainbow Dash. Did you cum inside of Twilight? She didn't want to earn the wrath of breast expansion mlp scorned Applejack.

First Rarity and Pinkie Pie give me the blue balls, 18 years girls fucked whatever it is that girls with willies get, then I get sloppy seconds with Twilight. Ah guess it's just one of those days. Dash watched a bit as AJ angrily fucked Twilight. AJ was still shaking her head breast expansion mlp occasionally glancing over at Pinkie Pie as she enjoyed Rarity's tongue.

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Dash started to walk around the table. She walked yuma porn Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy was standing alone, naked.

She had her arms folded breast expansion mlp her enormous breasts and her palms covering her nipples. She looked like she was cold, but Dash knew expxnsion was only shy. I even came inside of her. Oh, Dash, that was a long time ago. She wrapped her arms sxpansion Fluttershy's waist and Fluttershy pulled her close, partly out of affection, partly for concealment.

Boob sexy warm, m,p breasts squished up on Dash's flat chest. They could both feel Dash's little hard nipples pressed into Fluttershy's flesh.

We don't have the toy with us. But we don't really need it tonight, do we? She pressed it into Fluttershy's body and let breast expansion mlp. She rubbed up against Fluttershy's erection. Fluttershy was small, but she was very, very hard.

breast expansion mlp

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Dash knew she must have liked it, because she was slowly rocking her hips, driving her cock up Dash's body as sexiest orgasms held each other tight. But, um, you just came, didn't you? So you breast expansion mlp won't be ready to go again for awhile.

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But, um, what I'm trying to get at Fluttershy blinked in surprise. Dash didn't know if she even noticed, but Fluttershy was grinding her hips even harder on Dash.

Dash nodded to Fluttershy. Do you even want, um, a penis? Dash stifled breast expansion mlp laugh. Dash reached up and breast expansion mlp Fluttershy's head down to kiss her. There was tongue, but only a little.

It was a passionate, and surprisingly tender kiss. Rarity dove her tongue deep into Pinkie's pussy. She pulled it out and licked all up and down her delicate inner lips.

She porn hibe up to her clit, and ran her tongue around it in little tight circles. She breast expansion mlp it between her lips and bit down on it gently. Pinkie had her soft thighs up against Rarity's head. Her skin was sticky and clammy from all the drying sweat, but Rarity didn't care. Ecpansion her mind's eye, Rarity was imagining Pinkie in a bath.

A bath with expensive soaps, lotions, and brdast. A bath that washed off all the sweat and nreast Pinkie's left4dead nude zoey silky, slippery and smooth. And oh so soft. Rarity's cock felt like it was about to explode.

Rarity licked broadly up Pinkie's clit, then kissed the base of her cock and the little tuft of well groomed pink hair just above it. She meant to expansikn on sexy librarian porn of Pinkie completely and fuck her bgeast away, but she got distracted by her belly. Rarity plunged her lips into Pinkie's belly button and kissed, sending Pinkie into uncontrollable laughter.

Pinkie jiggled and shook as she laughed, which only breast expansion mlp Rarity more excited. Rarity rose further, stopping again at Pinkie's expansiob. Breast expansion mlp sucked at her nipples and pressed her face into the pillowy breasts, not so much to stimulate Pinkie as to just enjoy the softness of them.

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Finally, she rose up to Pinkie's face. Pinkie's large, alien animated sex lips were parted just slightly. Her laughter had breast expansion mlp, and now her face bore only a look of anticipation. Rarity's lips descended to meet Pinkie's. Almost subconsciously, Rarity gentai rape her iron-hard erection between Pinkie's waiting pussy lips.

It slid breast expansion mlp smoothly all the way to fxpansion base. Rarity rested on top of Pinkie for a moment, bony hips pressing into soft inner thighs, firm tits with erect nipples pressing into soft cushiony tits. Rarity started to pump. It was like fucking a cloud.

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A cloud with a hot, wet pussy breast expansion mlp jiggled and writhed and moaned beneath her. Vreast fucked harder, delicate touching and caressing giving way to raw sex. It wouldn't sakura dungeon cp Rarity long, she was loving it. She wasn't even looking down as she fucked Twilight from behind.

This is the first time ah ever done a girl with my willy before. I was hardly even paying attention, can you believe that? I can feel why men get off on this. I mean, I can feel your whole breast expansion mlp and all. It's nice 'n' soft 'n' wet. But, like, I can really breast expansion mlp the rim of it, or whatever it's called. The edge of the hole.

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Where yer lips are at. I think I can get used to this. It's especially firm up top, nearer yer butthole. I dunno, you suppose I'm expansioon into yer buttbone? Twilight wasn't pudgy, but still her ass cheeks rippled from the hornygamer of AJ's thrusting. She didn't slow down her fucking, but let go of Twilight's waist. She started pulling Twilight's gown up and off. Breast expansion mlp was too late. Twilight's gown got stuck halfway off when it snagged on her earrings and bracelets.

Her head and arms ended up buried underneath the heavy fabric. The rest of her body was bare to the world. Tell breast expansion mlp what, we'll get that off of you and get you all fixed up in a jiffy. Just soon as I'm finished. Rarity breast expansion mlp cheated me out ah finishing! So if you don't ,lp, I'm just gonna go ahead and finish now! Don't worry, sugarcube, ah won't take long!

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Applejack set to fucking Twilight with all the work ethic of a farm girl. Twilight continued to struggle under her dress for awhile but gave up. Applejack breast expansion mlp really grinding it into her. She herself liked a good hard pounding, and figured that's all it took to get off if you had a penis. When she didn't find herself getting off cartoon rape sex video, she got frustrated and redoubled her efforts.

Give it to breast expansion mlp Applejack grabbed hard with both hands and put all of her strength into her thrusting.

Applejack had her hair done up in braided pigtails and they were breast expansion mlp around. Their vigorous fucking had attracted the attention of a number of the other dinner guests.

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Many were watching, some were pointing. A few tried to imitate the wild action, but were less successful at it. Twilight's ass was bright red now. Applejack had a healthy bronze glow from all the sweat.

Her eyes were breast expansion mlp shut but her gritting teeth were barred. AJ screamed for putting so much breast expansion mlp into it; Twlight screamed from just being fucked so hard.

Applejack pulled her breast expansion mlp, uncircumsized member out of Twilight's raw breast expansion mlp. She ran it up the crack of Twilight's ass, the friction of her cheeks drawing back Applejack's foreskin to breast expansion mlp the large, round, red head of her dick.

Twilight's back was long and slender. It was pale, as she never spent much time out doors, but expansioj was beautifully curved like some sculpture of made of good marble.

Now Applejack's hot cum was raining down on it, leaving little pearlescent droplets all over it. AJ shot a second load. A third came pouring, weakly, out of the tip of her cock to leave a little pool just above breast expansion mlp crack of Twilight's ass. Applejack watched in amazement and enjoyment as the last little bit came dribbling out.

She used her hand to rub the cum-covered head to rub even more cum all over Twilight's desert sluts cheeks.

She stuck her still-hard cock in between her nurse cartoon porn and slapped it breqst and forth expansikn couple of times, before sticking it back inside of Twilight for a few more pumps.

One last time mpp enjoy Greast pussy.

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Then she pulled out for good and stepped away. She still had the gown sim girls game hopelessly around her head and wrists. Fluttershy breast expansion mlp Rainbow Dash bent over the table. She was using her hand to rub her little, hard cock up xray of blowjob down Dash's pussy and ass, trying to find the right hole.

She was getting flustered and having a expanzion time. She found what she thought was the right one, and pressed forward. Damn, Fluttershy, give it to me. Fluttershy started giving it to her. Rainbow Dash, already starting to get bored, reached down and started placing with her breaat dick. I bet you like that, don't you," Fluttershy said softly. She was barely moving her hips at all.

Yeah, you want breast expansion mlp, don't you. You want the whole thing. Well, I'm giving it to you. ex;ansion

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I don't even like cocks but I want you to give it to me faster. You really want me to pound you then. Hope you don't mind not being able to sit down for awhile.

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