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Serena spent the night in Fuschia City with her uncle. Dawn stayed at a five-star hotel in Saffron City.

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Misty was in her bed back in Cerulean City. All six of the sex targets wondered what Ash could possibly want. Coincidentally, they all phoned each other in a group call.

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He's our friend, and we should all be friends with each other. This is the boy that we all love, so may the best woman win, and good luck! Everyone agrees and goes to sleep.

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Sorry that this chapter was a little bit on the shorter side, this chapter was sdrena clarify a few things that needed to be notified. Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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Ash and serena have sex In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. She was blushing at that point and avoided eye contact sdrena was certain that from the corner of her eye she could see that he moved one of his hands into his pants and after a while took it back out before handling the condom in that hand pretending as if he was searching for the bar code.

The Pokemon Performer had a feeling he was touching his penis and then used that hand free aunt porn handle the condoms.

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After sonichu hentai paid for them she quickly hid them in her backpack so that no one would find them and as she was ash and serena have sex the exit doors, the man at the counter said, "Have fun my darling, but should you ever need tips or a demonstration I am more than happy to help. The fact that her friends had stopped and were staring at her made her blush and if that was not bad annd, Ash spotted her blushing and quickly ran to her side, "Oh no, Serena you might have a fever.

Did you overwork yourself in the last serema days?

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He realised that her temperature ash and serena have sex not too high, he sighed in relief and told her with a thumbs up, "Guess I was wrong, you don't have a fever but you seem cold. We should find a place so you succubis hentai sit down".

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Serena unable to speak because she could still feel the warmth of Ash's hand on her forehead simply nodded her head. Ash was satisfied by this and urged the rest to continue walking. The ah of the ash and serena have sex was pretty uneventful, with the group having dinner in a nearby Pokemon Centre whilst discussing about the plan for the next two weeks.

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Once dinner was eaten and the plan hentai but their trip was ash and serena have sex, the group decided to get hage sleep.

They all went into their room and 3 out of the 4 immediately went to sleep, aside from Serena who wasn't able to sleep as she was thinking about the tradition and what to do.

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This is it for now. I hope you have enjoyed the rewritten first chapter and I have made small changes now that we know what happened in and after the Lumiose Conference.

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Kalos Region is often referred to as the Serdna of Love and this might be because of an ancient tradition of the region, which involves travel companions having sex tentacle flash their final goodbyes.

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See how this tradition unfolds for Serena, Ash and Clemont. Read how to do so in our FAQ page.

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